Gate of Kryta

Gate of Kryta is the 7th mission in...
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Guild Wars Prophecies, As with almost all of the Prophecies missions you can do the Bonus part at a later time.

That start of this mission is just getting to the outpost, traveling there you will be facing a large amount of undead.

Once at the outpost you will pass through the gates, and head to Justiciar Hablion. Talking to him starts the next phase of this mission. At this time I want to point out you will be splitting up with Justiciar Hablion, at a point in the mission and if you continue to follow him instead of his men you will lose the mission.

The bonus

This bonus is actually 3 parts.

Part one is really easy You will see a pig near by where you start off talk to it and it will follow.

Part 2 is taking it to its owner in the out post.

Part 3 after talking to the Historian who wants you to retrieve a tome from a chest. Getting to the chest is not to terribly hard, the trick is after you grab the book. Many Phantoms pop and can wipe a group easily if not ready. Couple different strategies to this. 1 is to spread out so the AoE they cast doesn't devastate the group. the 2nd way is to clear a path to the book then have the group head back to the beach area, then have 1 person with run skills grab the book and head back to the Historian.

Guild Wars mission map to the 7th Prophecies mission : Gates of Kryta

Gate of Kryta Tips Take your time.

Holy damage is great, since it will do double damage on the undead.

Be sure to bring a good healer.

As for the builds, if you are wanting to use the Builds that my guild and I use you can sign up to the top right of this page. However I know some players are weary of giving information so to show you how the guides are I offer up a sample guide, which can be found by going to the free stuff page

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