A Gamers Day

Have you had your gamers day?...
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Every gamer will have one, and most will have several.

Its that day when nothing you do goes wrong, the drops are perfect, you seem to be invincible.

Do you remember any of those days? I'm sure a few have stuck out in your mind as they have in mine.

One of my perfect gaming days was when, I was playing Dark Ages of Camelot. I was playing my minstrel and was grouped with 3 other guild members. Since we all had a stealth ability we decided to go hunting other players from a enemy realm. Well one of our members thought he saw a solo and jumped the gun and attacked it turns out the guy wasn't alone just over extended himself from his group.

Luckily as a minstrel I had some magic ability's that I used to stop the attacking group 2 of my group were assassins the other was a scout. we were able to defeat that group but as soon as we did another group came running out to help them by this time I had gone back into stealth letting the scout finish off the last player. So once again I was able to surprise mesmerize the group.

We were able to wipe out that group when the first group that released came running back out with a few extras no time for any trickiness we fought valiantly defeated out about half of that next wave before we all were defeated.

That was my favorite game day So

What was your Gamer Day like?

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