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online game, when suddenly out of nowhere you get this message from a gamer, "Do u mind if I camp here with u? im farming a uber weap from the mobs here and their the only ones it drops from :)"


What he wanted to know in gamer terms was if he could destroy the monsters in the area you were fighting, without you getting mad. There is a weapon, a really good one that drops from the monsters there that he wants.

Gamer talk is fast and easy to learn and gets what you want to say out fast. This is especially good when in a group and fighting many monsters at one time, or when you are in a PvE battle (Player vs Player). It might take you some time to get use to the terms but once you do, you will be a pro at using them.

Gamer Talk, The List
  • AF - Armor Factor,which means the amount of damage it will protect you from
  • Aoe - This is area of effect, usually meaning that it will hit multiple targets in a targeted area.
  • Boss - this is a bigger, meaner version of the mob, and usually part of a quest, or is in possession of a good item.
  • Buff - Can be temporary or stay till dropped by the caster, What they do is enhance a player in someway.
  • Caster - A Magic user
  • Ding - no that is not a bell, but it means you have leveled. It comes from the noise made that happens when you level in some games
  • Drop - is an item that is dropped when you defeat a mob
  • Dmg - Is short for damage
  • PvE - Player vs the environment, are computer controlled enemys, and NPCs
  • NPC - Non-player character, the computer controls this character
  • Mob - a monster, one enemy that may attack you, or you attack it, it is controlled by the computer
  • Mobs - you guessed it, two or more monsters that are controlled by the computer
  • Healer - Mob or player that heals
  • Weap - this is your weapon
  • Uber - means super or great, even super great
  • Plz - means please
  • Stealther - Mob or character that goes invisible
  • Tank - Melee class mob or player
  • noob - usually talking about a person new to the game, inexperienced player. Sometimes used as a negative, or insult
  • newbie - same as noob but not usually used as a insult
  • leet - sometimes said like L337 which means elite. Used when something is exceptionally good
  • u - means simply you
  • wb - Welcome back
  • magic - is what allows you to cast spells
  • mana - is your magic power
  • power - another word for magic
  • melee - close range combat, ex: a sword is a melee weapon
  • inc - means incoming, mostly used by pullers. or when out in a PvP zone stating enemy players are on their way to attack
  • squishier/squishy - refers to characters that take a lot of damage when hit, most often talking about casters and healers.
  • Rez - means resurrection, usually a spell to bring back a player to life after they have been defeated.
  • Regen - This refers to regeneration. Hp, power, or any other source that can be used and then gained back.
  • Pbaoe - Point blank area of effect, this is usually a spell or attack that effects the area around you.

  • This page updates from time to time plz check back soon. Do you have a term that is used in a online game you play and is not found here and think it should be, use the contact us form and submit the term and game it is used in and what it means.

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