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anything from a keyboard to an attitude. In fact gamers have stuff in games as well, all that virtual loot. What can be said we gamers collect a lot of stuff from gamer guides, keyboards to the virtual stuff like gold and armor.

The Stuff

Gamer/Player Guides - These can be real or e-books. They normally are on a specific game having maps and tips that help the player through the game they are playing. As a expansion of the game comes out so does a new guide. So players can end up with several guides.

Gamer/Tech Magazines - Once again real or E-zines, gamers can end up with a lot of these. Tech magazines are to keep your computer running the best or preparing for a new one. Game magazines are for tips or to see what the newest game or expansion is going to look like.

Gamers Clothing - Hey we got to have clothes, don’t we?

The Gear (peripherals) - This is the other things like a mouse or a keyboard.

Virtual Stuff - You know the armor and weapons and collectibles in a game.

The Gamer Computer - This is the life blood of the gamer

Gifts for Gamers - Looking for a gift for your gamer need some help this is the page for you

Cheap Games - Tips on how to buy and find cheap games, that are actually good games.

Creating a Website - Simple way to create a website

Miscellaneous Gamer Stuff

Costumes for Gamers - Hey you never know when you will need to be your favorite character. For a Halloween/costume party.

The Gamer Attitude - Oh this one's gonna be good.

Addiction to online games - Are you in control of your gaming? or are you addicted to it? Find out.

Game Addiction Help - For those who are addicted or afraid of becoming addicted. You don't have to quit, just be in control.

Game Rating - It's about the ratings and what they mean.

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