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What is gamer music? It is the music...
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that pumps up a player gets them wanting to game. It may even help them play better. Play better? Yes, the music creates a rhythm that the player feels. This rhythm then translates into a pattern for the gamer.

Where do you get this music? Look at your cd collection you may already have some. Do you need it ? No , you don’t necessarily need it, but it can enhance your game play and mood so why not try it and see.

The Actual In-game Music

This is the music and sound effects in the game. Sometimes its pleasant, but a lot of the time it gets annoying with the same music playing over and over. It's not that its bad just annoying. Most games switch between a normal out and about music to a fight music when you engage an enemy. I after a while I will shut the music off and go put on a cd from my collection.

The sound effects are a different story. These you want to leave on, why? The reason for this is so you can hear enemy spells or attacks, maybe even their foot steps. The sounds can give you an idea of what you are coming up against as well. Sometimes it can give away the type of spell that is being cast.

PvE Music

When choosing music for Player vs Environment (PvE) I suggest something that is relaxing. PvE can be extremely frustrating and stressful so something that can keep you calm while you play may be of more use. If you must go with something more upbeat make sure it’s a mellow upbeat, not overly fast that way you can stay in control.

PvE music: Fun and Silly

PvP Music

Player vs Player (PvP) this music needs to be quick tempo, good beat, you need the energy from this music to keep you going. The danger in this is you will do more reacting than thinking, and it is possible depending on the music that you could grow a bit more frustrated,much quicker. Reacting is what you need to do in PvP, but staying calm at same time is key, use the energy while staying in control.

PvP music I like

The Music And You

Only you know how music will flow through you, and how it effects your game. So choose the music that allows you to feel better and gives you the energy that you need.

While we are on the subject of energy lets talk about that. There is a positive energy and a negative energy that can come from music. You can tell which is which, for gaming you want the positive energy, it will flow through you giving you a pattern of attacks you may realize it or you may not.

If you are not playing well try a different cd, band, or song but always go for the positive energy. The negative energy will make you frustrated, angry, and impatient. And that can only make you play worse.

Tips To Gamer Music

Upbeat, positive music and songs have great energy.

Songs with an upbeat message is good also.

Slow songs will slow your reactions, avoid this though may be good for PvE to relax you.

Songs that have a negative message create negative energy.

Don't play it so loud you can't hear the game's sound effects.

Pick music you like.

Playing your gamer music is great fun, when playing online games, but remember the sound effects can help to. Use the positive energy, to help you play better.

As Always,

Play The Game Your Way


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