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Gamer manners may not seem important, however...
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they are. These manners will help you and others have a more enjoyable online game experience, while playing the online game of your choice.The following are some common gaming manners:

  • Never Kill Steal - This is defeating another players mob that they were fighting. People who do this normally do this on purpose for the experience, for the gold or for the possible drop. Players may have other reasons for a kill steal, but any reason is wrong.
  • Try to keep your chat to PG-13, their are younger kids that play and they do not need to hear about adult topics.
  • If you need to hunt in the same area as another player, always ask to share a camp.
  • Be courteous to all players. Even if they are not, maybe your example will help them become courteous.
  • Ask before you help another player, they may not want help.
  • Remember it’s a game and mistakes do happen. So do not go blaming other players for the mistake, just try again.
  • If you make a mistake fess up and apologize.
  • If you get upset log off and then play again later.
  • Others may be a rude and disrespectful, you do not have to be, and that will bug them more then if you were rude.
  • When PvPing don’t add on solo fights, unless you are asked too.
  • Never be a griefer, if you do other players will do the same to you.
  • Never scam, Players will catch on and will let others know and you will end up blacklisted.
  • Always keep in mind that you are playing a game.
  • You have a ignore command on most online games, use it if your being harassed to much by a other players.
If we all can remember that we are playing a game, and we are all there to have fun, we can make the game more enjoyable for all. So remember to be courteous and nice.

Check back for updates to gamer manners.

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