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with actual players? Are you sick of some executive that comes out and promotes a game? I was so I decided to talk to the players. Not that means I wont talk to a executive, just means he better be a gamer. What the interviews here are for, are to let players, gamers, parents, PEOPLE in general know that we are all diffrent yet the same. Not all gamers are bad or will be bad because of a game. You see The media blaming games all the time for some tragic shooting, when movies are far more violent in most cases.

So once a month I have decided to find a gamer and talk to them. Not only about games but other things as well as time goes on.


Gamer X - April 14th 2009 A very mysterious gamer name don't you think?.

Supa - Mar 5th 2009 A very funny Gamer.

Keyria - Feb 5th 2009 Webkinz Player, and pet lover.

Ashin - Jan 5th 2009 DAOC Player.

Santa - Dec 5th 2008 This was one fun interview.

Suzan - Nov 5th 2008 2nd Interview, realized gotta think faster if I want to ask all my questions.

Hamil - Oct.5th 2008 This was the first interview.

Let you voice be heard. Tell us your thoughts in our mini interviews with you. These pages will only be open to submit to for a short period of time and then will close. Each will have some rules that apply to it. Your e-mail address will never be shown and is kept private.

The Mini Interviews

The Political Game - Tell everyone what game you were playing when you heard the news that Obama was selected as the next president of the United States of America.

A Gamers Day - Have you a great story to tell about your perfect day of gaming? Why not share it brag a little.

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