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Some Gamers say its any computer were a gamer is playing the game. While others say it’s a computer built specifically for gaming. I say who cares, as long as I can play the game.

There are a few things to consider though;

  • Can the computer handle the game you want to play.
  • Will it play the game at a quality you want. Meaning no lag, good sound, pretty graphics.
  • Graphics good enough to play the game.
  • Enough memory to handle all the elements in the game.
  • Will it be fast enough to keep up with the game data.

Then there is whether it should be a Desk Top, or Laptop. once you have decided on that do you want to buy. or Build it your gaming computer. Buying your computer from a store allows you to get it right away, and play the game right away once its all hooked up of course. While this is ok you will only be getting computers that are not really meant for gaming. Another option is to order your computer with the parts you want pre installed, you will have to wait for a few weeks to get it, but it will be what you want. This option is more expensive but well worth it.

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If you are a little more advance and have computer knowledge or even want to learn something new, then maybe you should try building your own gaming rig.

Building your gaming computer on the other hand allows you to have the exact computer you want that fits you. Not only will you know what parts you put in it but you will have a since of pride knowing that you built you’re your computer. Oh you may like this you can usually build a higher quality computer cheaper, than buying one.

You know there are cheap gamer computers Just need to know where to look

Now that you have choosen your rig, just another term for a gamer computer, its time to play the game.

By the way take your time when choosing your computer this is very important to get right, you don’t want to rush it and get something you don’t like.

One Last thing deciding on a good computer can stop lag

Do not forget about Computer Safety

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