6 Game World or server Tips
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First what is a game world? They are known as...
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Servers to players. What they are is the specific area on the games computer where you will receive information and send information while playing the game. Since there are many players playing often the company sets up several computers that all send and receive the information to the game to allow many players to play.Each of these computers is a server allowing more players to play.

Each Server is often separate from the others So if you choose one game world you will only meet others who chose the same game world as you.

So why is this important? Because depending on which game server you choose to go too will determine a lot about how you will have to play. Like If its a high population server (meaning lots of players) you will be fighting for good farm areas, but may have a easier time getting groups for quests.

Picking a Gamer World / Server Tips

So you Picked your mmorpg and discovered you got to pick a server and they have some really cool and strange names like Windorf, or Rivendale. There is a list a mile long which one to chose. Sometimes there is information right by the name often just saying what the population is.

Here are the tips to picking, remember you will need to go to the games forum to find some of this information to help you decide.

Tip 1. High, Low or Medium Population - Yep start with the easy one since this normally is told on the screen when you decide on a server.

High Population is just lots of players belong to the server. Low Means not to many play there. Medium well obviously that one that there are good amount of players.

This one is personal preference A low population is easier to level in because you are not fighting for farm spots as often, but is harder to get missions or quest done, where a high population farming is harder but quests are easier. I personally like the medium population because gives you a little of both .

Tip 2. PvP, Role Playing, PvE only, Or Normal - Some times a few of these can be mixed like a role playing pvp server.

This is what type of game you want to play and depending on the game each of these means some thing different slightly. Take PvP it still means player vs player but in one game it may mean that you can get attacked at any time, others it just means that there are areas in the game that you can get attacked.

Role Playing often means acting like the character so a elf may be a bit snobby dwarf a bit rough and running into battle before the group is ready that type of thing. Real life is not brought into the game as a way to keep it kind of pure.

PvE Only, This is actually a relaxing way to play you do not worry about getting attacked unless you want to initiate a duel for fun. You and what normally be a enemy realm can come together and help each other out.

PvP This allows you to attack others and them to attack you, this could be at any time or just in certain areas but that is normally called Normal

Tip 3. Realm Population - This is a major factor and should be looked up if you plan of PvPing. There are always servers that will be unbalanced in this. Sometimes it is a huge amount like 4 to 1. This can be frustrating if on the underdog realm, but also really rewarding as well.

If you can handle being the realm with fewer players every victory is huge especially if they out number you. this also allows guarantees you that you will run into the enemy at some time during the day if you are looking for a fight. It however does not mean you won't find them alone often.

Playing on a realm that's under populated enhances your skills as you play in order for you to compete.

(The ones here you should make a test character to see about)

Tip 4. The game world economy - not all servers are equal in this some have a great thriving economy, others well forget it. Buying and selling in the game allows you to get gear that you need and if none of that is going on well you be grinding for days ruining other armor just for specific pieces.

Tip 5. The players - Yep the players can make or break a real how they act, talk. Are they nice? Rude? Yes you will always find some dips in every realm but over all does it look like the players there are friendly to new gamers. Only way to find out is to check out that game world.

Tip 6. Test It out - yep your gonna go to the server to see, create a tester character and level it over a few days see if you get help with and without asking see how your treated.

Once You gotten all your information you then know where to Go. Remember the only thing that it comes to is, is it fun there if its not time to look for a new game world.

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