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Have you seen it on a game box and gotten confused by it? Maybe your kid has told you what they mean, or did they? Here is where you can find out the following is the game rating the right after is my thoughts on the rating.

Before we get going to far into to the ratings lets talk what USRB rating is. Its a basic guideline, sort of like the movie ratings. So it is best to do some research on the game to find out if it really is appropriate for the person going to play the game.

I say this because a game can get a higher rating just for 1 small thing happening once. Lets take a "M rating" A dwarf in the background drinking ale in one 10 second part of a game could boost a "T rating" to the "M rating".

This is the Teen ESRB rating graphic

The Ratings

eC - this at first glance will just look like a C but closer look you will see the e.What eC means is early childhood 3yrs+ nothing found in this game should be offensive this game will not appeal to children over 6 normally.

My rating for eC - perfectly OK for everyone, easy games meant for young children, those children above 6 will most likely get bored easily, some of the competition games though will keep interest as long as other players are playing as well

Special note here from this point on the game ratings are somewhat subjective, sometimes the game I believe can be in a lower or higher rating depending on the game but it is up to you to read the description of the game, do some research, or ask someone in the game department about it. Then make your decision

E - Stands for Everyone, 6yrs+ these games will have mild violence and /or some use of mild language.

My rating for E - This one depending on the game should be ok for most children, the games will be harder and children under 6 may have a harder time of playing. Warning sometimes the language pushes the edge in these game so actually be 1 rating higher.

10+E may have guessed it everyone over the age of 10yrs, once again like the eC the 10+ is hard to see so look carefully. These games are like the above with mild violence and language, but these ones may also have suggestive themes.

My rating for 10+E - This is like my rating for E in most cases these games are fine, just be sure to read the game before buying, And as before sometimes they push it so this game may be 1 rank higher.

T - this is a teen game, 13+ in age as with the E and 10+E they have the mild violence, language,suggestive themes, but also have crude humor, some blood, simulated gambling, there is a possibility of strong language.

My rating for T - At this point maturity is what needs to be looked at. The games in this category can really very while most of these games get the rating from violence. Before you start with the "OHH Violence that's all I need to hear my kid will never play..." I want you to stop and think about this for 1 second, Violence comes in many forms. Besides The violence in most Teen games are no more violent and often times less so than what is seen on a TV show.

M - Mature 17yr+ ,This has all the same things Teen has but at a higher intensity rating while also including gore,and sexual content, which may include nudity.

My rating for M - Maturity once again is what you should be looking at, the violence in most of these games are like a rated R movie at best there are a few that go a little beyond this. Also at this point parents should be keeping a closer eye on the games for sexuality,these games can contains sex and nudity. In my opinion if the game contains sex and nudity its automatically a adult only game. Also some of these games should be rated Teen So when looking at these do the homework and find out what really is in the game.

Ao - like a couple of the other game ratings this looks like a A but at closer examination you will see the o. This rating is a Adult Only game. 18+ has everything the Mature rating has but at a higher intensity.

My rating for Ao - Ok I'm Not gonna be popular on this view, BUT why? seriously there is really no need for sex and nudity to be in a game, on this rating I suggest NO ONE play this game.

Ok the last rating is RP - This means rating pending, means the game has yet to be rated, you will only see this on commercials by the time the game comes out it will have one of the above ratings.

My rating for RP - Its the wait and see rating.

For more information on game ratings click this link ESRB

Parents its up to you to do a little homework on games that your children play, Games are not all bad, but making sure that the person playing is at the appropriate age to play the game, this is you responsibility. You know your child and there maturity level so some may be able to handle a higher rating, and others may be old enough but don't have the maturity to play that game.I want to make sure everyone understands this Ratings are a guideline, maturity should determine if someone can handle a game. If you think your 7 year old can handle a R rated movie, then maybe they can handle a M rated game. I know Adult gamers that shouldn't be playing Teen games but since they are adults nothing can be done about it.

So what games should you allow your kids to play? What games should you be allowed to play? These are your decisions that should be based on maturity, and research, using the ratings as a guidline.

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