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Do You Really Want Help?

Do you really want game addiction help?...
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If so admitting it is the first step. Maybe you want to stop the process before it starts. Well the steps that follow will help you in that as well. I for one am glad you have decided to take the steps to play the game your way seriously.

I'm not a psychiatrist, and I have no medical background in medicine or addiction practices in any way shape or form.

What I am is a gamer who understands the addictive power of games.The need to play, and the pain of not being able to get on. The struggle to get control of the gaming. Do to this I may be able to give you the game addiction help you need to quit or gain control.

First I want to say I still play, but I do it the right way now I control it, it does not control me. Many people will say if you don’t quit you’re still addicted, I think they are both right and wrong. Addictions can be helpful and harmful depending on you.

I want to explain this before I go into the help section of this page. Lets take drinking as an example. Some become addicted to it and drink way too much. Now there is some healthy aspect to say wine and other alcohol. So if someone could control the addiction and have one drink a day for the health benefits would they still be addicts. Yes but the difference is, they are in control. Control is what I'm talking about. If you know you wont be able to control the addiction then you should stop it totally. Be honest with yourself on this. Otherwise, you will fail like so many others.

Are you addicted? If your not sure click this link here to see Online Addiction.

Gaining Control or Stopping All Together

Step 1 To getting game addiction help

Be totally honest with yourself, Everything from this point on will hinge on this. If you can’t do this then your wasting your time. Come back when you’re ready. This is the most important part of gaining control and getting game addiction help.

Step 2 To getting game addiction help

Are you addicted? Read Online Addiction to find out if you haven't already. If you don’t want to become addicted and wondering what it is read that page. It’s not fun but one needs to understand the problems to discover the path away from it.

Step 3 To getting game addiction help

Here is where the honesty thing really comes in.Do you want to gain control over the addiction? Quit? I mean be brutally honest. If you do continue on. If you really don’t want to then all that follows is a waste for you at this time.

Few quick stories before we continue on.

What Addictions Can Do:

The first story is about friends of mine, the online gaming cost them their marriage. They both were into it, both would chat to other people getting emotionally involved and losing touch to each other in reality. They had to be on the game, they needed to be on the game. It got to a point that they couldn’t talk to each other with out yelling. Worst part about this was the children. They were having to listen to this. Finally they Divorced.

Some things that caused problems for them were:He couldn’t hear or didn't want to hear when she spoke because he was on the game.She didn’t want to deal with what he wanted or needed because of the game.The children were semi ignored because of the game.If there was a raid on the online game and it went bad it translated into real life.They both became emotionally involved with people they would never meet, this tore them apart.They used the game to escape from each other.

Ok the next story

This guy was a huge gamer, and would play for hours. He went to work, drive home, play online games, go to sleep, wake up get ready for work and go to work. He repeated that almost every day. Saturday was all day, gaming for that was his day off. Soon he became a little irrational, angry when he wasn’t able to log on to the game. This anger grew into other things that were minor and didn’t matter. Things that were worth becoming angry over were made worse. The need for gaming was intense. The only thing he thought most about was gaming. He became depressed which escalated the need for gaming even more, which in turn created that irrational anger. The Next gaming fix was all that he wanted.

He finally lost his job (this wasn’t related to the game totally maybe partially), He doesn’t have many real life friends, and drove his family NUTS. Wondering what happened to him? Well he is me. I’ve gained control of the gaming. I play way less than I did then. The depression is gone, I have a small gardening business, and my family is way less nuts tho I do still drive them crazy.

As you can see an addiction to gaming can destroy lives, but gaming has positive aspects to it also. It can help with things like:

Eye and hand coordinationSocialization in some gamesReading this is in many gamesStrategic thinkingTeamworkLeadershipFollowingHard work for something you wantHow to deal with othersPatienceBeing a good sport Dealing with losing

I could keep going because there are many many more good traits that can be gotten from online

Step 4 To getting game addiction help

Make your goal now.

Do you want to quit all Together? Or do you want control? Either way your going to want to take some of the same steps. Some of them are hard, others are easier. If you are going to do this you need to be strong and do it. Only you can make yourself do it.

Step 5 To getting game addiction help

There are 2 ways for those of you who wish to quit gaming all together.

The first game addiction help way is cold turkey it. Shut the game off, delete it off the computer. If you have to unplug the computer put it some place where it’s a pain to get to do it, same with the consoles and games. The next few days, weeks, maybe even the next 2 months is gonna be hard, avoid the arcade also, trust me on this one you will spend way to much, and will have to start all over. Soon you will discover that you mind isn’t thinking about the game as much you will feel lighter.

Ok this next game addiction help way is for gaining control, avoiding addiction and the slow gradual quitting of games. This may be a bit harder in the long run but be strong and remember that you are in control not some virtual pain in know what.

First, set a goal for how many online hours you and your family can live with for the week, and how often you can get on and play without it interrupting your life. Is it 1-2 hours a day during the weekdays and 5 hours on Saturday? or 10 hours total during the week. I suggest this 10 hours for the week for those of you with families. 3 hours on Saturday (as long as it doesn’t interfere with your family's plans), then 2 hours a day for 3 days you pick which days. Also gaming should never become priority over family. If you can do less go for it after all family is more important than a game.

Ok have your goal set? Good, now the hard part getting there.

step 6 To getting game addiction help

How many hours do you play now? figure it out I can wait.............. need more time no problem.................. Great, you figured it out. Ok, cut that in half for the week, but every other day you don’t get on. Saturday you can play as much as you want. Sunday don’t play at all. Do this for the first week.

The next week cut it in half again, and do all the steps again.

The third week cut in half again and this time cut Saturday in half as well.

The fourth week do the same as the 3rd week and continue doing this each week until you've reach your goal.

For those of you trying to quit once you are down to two hours a day, Stop all Together.

This is not easy but you need to keep your focus, remember that you are doing this for you 1st, then your family and friends. You're in control, not the game, YOU ARE!! If your going to play any game your going to, PLAY THE GAME YOUR WAY and your way is in control.

Step 7 To getting game addiction help

Ok during the time that you are not playing online games when you normally would, it's time to fill that time with something else. Go for a walk and take a friend with you, your wife and kids , just the kids (giving your wife a break who knows maybe she'll do something nice for you). How about your girlfriend if your not married, cook, play a board game, watch some TV.

When the game starts to creep into your head, I want you to say it's ok for you to have a thought about it, but your in control and can change it to positive and to other things. Once again YOU ARE IN CONTROL not some pixels on a game.

What you are wanting to do is fill your time with other things other than the game. You may discover over time that you enjoy this far more than you do the game.

Step 8 To getting game addiction help

The mind set.

You need to have the mind set that you can do this, you know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!Don’t let the game addictiveness make you feel you cant, its all a trick. The human brain is stronger than any addictive virtual byte on a game. You don’t need the game, The game needs you.

At this point I want to talk to those of you who may be using the game to escape from reality and those who are depressed. The game is not important, its not going to help you on the problems you have in real life I know, been there. If you talk to gamers about things it may help a little but the truth is some of them may have the same problem and they using the game like you are. It may be time to speak to a friend, family member, or doctor about the problem in order to find help. I strongly suggest this for those of you who are depressed, the game is only gonna make it worse in the long run, it may help at first but those feelings haven’t gone away. The problem/answers isn’t in the game world it's in real life and that is were it needs to be solved in.

Step 9 To getting game addiction help

Ask for help.

There is no shame in asking for help, maybe have your friends take the offending game with them or have your wife put a password on the game so to limit when you can get on. Hey have the kids bug you to play with them when they see you been on to long. Remember you asked for the help so don’t get mad when it happens.

Step 10 To getting game addiction help

Misc. stuff that may help.

Meditation great for clearing the mind and staying calm.

Exercise gets your body in shape while helping your mental state.

Religion hey if you believe in God cool, studies show that prayer can help your mind set.

There are many sites on the net that go much deeper and have other ways of getting off the addictiveness of gaming. If my suggestions didn’t work for you try another way.

Just remember, You and only You can gain control over your addiction, there is no shame in seeking help. I know your family and friends will thank you for doing it.

As Always (From a formally addicted gamer)
Play The Game Your Way

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