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What is the Funny Flash Games Challenge?...
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There are several challenges but the meaning behind the challenge is about bragging rights and challenging your self to be better. So here is the deal.

I will put up the flash game with the rules to the challenge. Then see if you can you beat me. This is a personal challenge for you to see if you can beat my high score on the game I post with proof of course of my score.

Flash Games Challenge, Can You Beat Me

Newest Challenge

The challenges will continue after the revamp of the flash games till then Play Your Way
Older Challenges
I call this the 1 monkey challenge, The object is to beat my score, but you can only use 1 monkey, so keep playing till you would be forced to use a 2nd one.

Shows my high score in the flash game based off the rules of teh challenge

As you can see from the screen shot I have 4 monkeys left (5 total so used my 1) and got a score of 54,281.

Click the the picture to the left to go directly to the game. Can you beat me?

This challenge is with the flash game Big Fish. The rules to this challenge are very simple. Two attempts to get the highest score you can. No practicing before your 2 attempts.

Screen Shot of my score, from the flash game Big Fish

As you can see from the screen shot my score is 20,500 points.Ok so its time to beat my score.

Click the the picture to the left to go directly to the game. So can you beat my score?

Free For All Challenge

The rules are very simple for these challenges your not competing against me you competing against everyone now.

First you should know how to take a screen shot this is most easily done by hitting print screen on your keyboard, then going to your paint program and hitting paste. You will then you may need to edit it to a smaller size. The maximum image size accepted is 800x600.

In most paint programs you can do this by going to the image tab and selecting stretch/skew then on the horizontal and vertical lower the percentage by the same number. To see how big it is go to image again and go to attributes width and height tell you what you are at.

The challenge

Jungle Fruits Highest score wins.


Try to get the highest score you can. You may try several times to get the highest score, Submit the highest only 1 submission per challenge. If more than one is submitted the first one I look at will be the one that will be considered your entry.

The top score will be placed in the winners circle at the bottom of the page Good Luck.

Click the the picture to the left to go directly to the game.

Are You the Best?

Ok you saw the challenge above now its time for you to prove it. Rules are simple take a screen shot of what the challenge is from the flash game.

Also If you have a hint for the game why not share it while your at it.

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