The Frost Gate

The Frost Gate is the 6th mission...
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of Guild Wars Prophecies.

This mission is pretty straight forward. The Objectives to to this mission are destroy the siege weapons firing on Prince Rurik and the caravan.

Use the Lever to open the gates.

The first part of the mission is fairly easy to do if you take your time and do not allow yourself to get over run by mobs. The mobs seem to have a slightly larger aggro area than normal.

As you travel you will come across the siege weapons that need to be destroyed the way to do this is to this is to defeat the Stone Summit Engineers.

You will find a lever that is used to open gates, a point of interest here, once you use the lever the person using it will have dropped it, and wont be able to pick it up for a few seconds. In order to use it again you will need to pick it up.

The final part of this mission has 3 gates, the moment the 3rd gate is open, you have to survive for 60 seconds to complete this mission. The timer is not shown.

This is a map to the Frost Gate mission of  Guild Wars Prophecies


The bonus starts once you rescue Rornak Stonesledge. He will ask you to go retrieve the plans for a new weapon. To do this you will need to fire off a siege weapon to open a gate, to the plans.

Builds to use

Make sure you bring a good healer, and good damage dealers.

The builds I use, and that my friends use can be found by subscribing to our guides page where you can find my hero's guide that has my basic builds and the concepts behind them to create your own. Subscribe to the Right or check out a free sample of our guides on the Free stuff page.

Tips to The Frost Gate

Dolyak Riders are healers and can become a major problem if they are not defeated quickly.

Retreat when things look bad.

Having a interrupter is a great idea.

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