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Free to play (F2P) Games are out there...
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many are not worth the time or effort of finding, some are very much worth it.

What are free play games? they are games that you did not have to spend a dime to download or to play. These games make there money in other ways, such as a in game store, or offering subscription options. This is also what makes these games either very good or not worth the time to play.

Some free to play games give you the entire game to play you just have to suffer through periodic commercials.

Few Cons and Pros

Lets start with the bad, many times free 2 play games have several tiers of play types, what this means is you are either a F2P or a subscriber, F2P players are often Highly Limited in what they can do in the game, Limited in level progression, limited in number of characters they can have, even sometimes what types of classes they can play.

Speaking of limitations that is another con to F2P, often times there are lots of limitations making F2P players almost a looked down upon player.

The pros to free play games can sometimes be worth while though, no month to month payments, heck didn't have to pay at all to try the game out.

What you will find on this page are the Free to Play Games that I have found to be better than most, with what I call Acceptable Annoyance to be able to play the game.

F2P Games

The games listed here are in order of what I believe is the best to worst based on How much annoyance is involved as well as how many limitations in the game for F2P players.

PopCap Games

DC Universe Online: This F2P game is based on the Detective Comics (DC) Universe. Superman, Batman, The Joker, and Lex Luther are all here and waiting for you.

Runes of Magic: This F2P game is a fantasy based game where Humans and Elfs have to once again rejoin together to fight back the demons that are invading the world.

Lord of the Rings Online(LotRO): This F2P game is based on the J.R.R. Tolkien book Lord of the Rings.

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