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They are free games where you will test your mind. Is logic enough? Gut feelings may come into play. These puzzles will test all your mental prowess to solve, and unlock the mystery to winning. Can you think your way out of these problems? Because skill will have little to do here. remember its Mind over matter here.

You will notice a quick review and difficulty ratings to let you know my thoughts on the games themselves (Played them all). So have fun.

To play any of the free online flash games just click the picture of the game (It may take a few seconds for them to load so please be patient) They will open in a new window.

Free Puzzle Games

Aengie Quest This isometric puzzle game lets you push boxes, push switches, collect keys and more. The objective is to reach the exit of each level. Each level will become more and more difficult good luck. Review- Great Free Puzzle Games, will get you thinking one problem with it is you can't change your view and this can make it difficult to maneuver around. Difficulty Moderate Starts off Really Easy and will become Very Hard.

Araneo In this free online flash game you use the spiders to capture the walking balls at the bottom, capture 3 of them of the same color or more in a row, to score points before time runs out. Left click under the spiders to make them drop down. Review - A diffrent type of puzzle game and quite fun. Difficulty Moderate

Astro Kid More then 30 levels with alien and robotic. Guide astro kid to exit teleporter and clear all the levels. Their is a in-game tutorial that will teach you all about the different terrains, items and will get you going. Review- Another game that will get you thinking. Easy to play though is a bit slow from time to time. Difficulty Moderate Starts off Really Easy and will become Hard.

Bomb A BombThis is one explosive game, I mean that literally you click on one of the boy bombs and make them explode then with any luck he will make another explode a chain reaction trick is not yo blow up the pink bombs cuz they are Girlz. Review- Great game and a little addictive play it a few times and see. This game does get more difficult as you play. Difficulty Easy -Hard

Bubble Shooter pop the bubbles by connecting 3 of the same colored bubbles together try to beat each level before the bubbles make it to the bottom of the screen. Review - Shoot colored bubbles at other bubbles basically it good luck. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Color Balls Extreme Pop the balls that are touching at least 3 together before the stack gets high, get a higher score by amassing a huge combo. Review - This game gets a little crazier as time goes on fun and challenging. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Dr. Trikle Your experiment has gone haywire now its up to you to stop it. The problem is the Trickles are multiplying very quickly and if they escape well the world will be overrun. how do you stop trickles buy putting the same types together. Review- I love this one just the look of the trickles when you put them together is funny. Difficulty Easy - Moderate

Entangled This is a relaxing puzzle game make sure all the lines connect in someway so you don't have a lose end. Review - Having a hard day? Not feeling up to snuff get your mind relaxed with this game. Difficulty easy - moderate

Jewel of AtlantisThis is a trial game its a cross between a breakout and swap games. swap the jewels to break the objects in the game. Review- One of my favorite games. Difficulty Easy

Jungle Fruits This puzzle game you have to match groups of the same shaped fruits. You can also use a monkey to eat a single fruit. The objective is to clear the screen, but be careful you have a few monkeys. Review- this is a easy Free Puzzle Game to play but hard to master. Difficulty Moderate

Maze StopperYour trying to slow down the little guy from getting to the exit to fast so in short your creating a maze for him to run through on the fly. Review - In this Free Puzzle Game the little guy is pretty smart he takes the shortest path to the exit good thing you freeze time (pause) to place more obstacles as you go. Difficulty Moderate - Hard

Ninja The bad samurai's have attacked your home while you were sleeping and you have awaken to see your the last one there, Bummer for them. You are the smartest of your clan now its time to show it. You are not physically able to take on a samurai so your gonna out smart them. Review - Use your logic skills to escape each room while trapping the samurai in the room. Difficulty Easy - Hard

Sheepish get your sheep to the food, only problem is they are not to smart so use the tools at hand and guide them to where they need to go. Review- Use your logic skills to get the sheep to the food 4 diffrent types of sheep and many different tools to get them to the food. Difficulty Easy - Hard

Twins Deluxe This game is funny to play. Connect two or more of the same balls to make the disappear. The rule is that all connections cannot be longer then 2 turns of the white line. All connected balls will disappear from the screen. The objective of this game is to empty the screen. Review- Free Puzzle Games easy to play and fun. Difficulty Easy

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