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Before we get going lets go over my rating system and a little about the reviewer(s) for the game.

The Rating System

Defeated - In My opinion this was Horrible, worse than running into a gank group while your level 2 soloing. (That's really bad)

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect but something is holding it back

Leveled - this is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion

* Easy to play - What this is if you can just pick up the game and play with little or no guide needed

* Easy to learn - This is usually were a game can lose a player and then you spend some time figuring it out.

* Age - Recommended age for the game, I will put the game rating here then my opinion as well.

* Fun - This is how fun the game was to them, If the game isn't fun why play it?

* Variety / Attention holding - This is important to have options maybe its different levels , many games who know but if its the same thing over and over it will get boring.

* My opinion - this is the reviewers final thoughts on the game and the final Over all rating

OK now the Reviewers

Online Gamer Richie - Hard Core Gamer with a passion for games. Favorite games mmorpg's, and casual puzzle games, and anything strategic like chess. Not a big sports game fan, or one for splattering of blood and guts. Big on game play, Love graphics but if it hurts the game play forget it. Like games with a good plot.

More Reviewers to be added as time goes on and don't be surprised if you see some new reviews here when they get going.

About Floating Kingdoms The Game

You serve royalty as the newest member of the Royal Architect society. Your job is plan out the village and gather resources to build a grand palace on each of the floating islands of the kingdom. Resources are gotten by playing a variety of mini-games. Gold, water, stone, flour and more will all be required to build your villages and construct the palaces.

Floating Kingdoms System Requirements:OS: Windows XP/VistaCPU: 800 MhzRAM: 256 MBDirectX: 7.0Hard Drive: 119 MB

(There is a Mac version available)

Floating Kingdoms Overview

The game its self is not to bad the graphics are pretty decent, big celebration when ever you finish a castle, and there is a story line in this game a bit hooky but its there. You of course play the hero who is a architect. So far in this game I counted 7 mini games:

  • Majong type game for collecting the lumber you will need
  • Brick break game for stone
  • Bejewled type of game for gold
  • Bubble Bobble (Marble Popper) type game for getting water
  • The one for flower is a matching game but where you place the item spins for flour
  • Matching type game for food
  • Pizza making game to feed the villagers

The Major plus for this game is just about anyone in the family can play this game.The designers of this game made everything pretty easy to learn and do. While that is great, it also lead to the game being a bit to easy. The game does not get harder or more challenging, but it does take some time to do each stage.

Couple neat things: Traders and Pirates

screen shot of trader in game

Pirates will curse a building making it not usable till you remove it

Traders offer 6 different types of items the 3 main ones that you can only get from the traders normally are

  • The Orbs - These put a building on auto pilot, if you don't like a mini game but you need the resources put one of these things on it it will run for a few minutes giving you that resource.
  • Potions - These remove Pirate curses
  • The Scroll - no idea what you will get good luck

--Online Gamer Richie--

* Easy to play - Definitely no guide needed the game basically hold your hand through 3 stages. Even after that its no problem, Its point and click even the mini games are easy to play. Rating - 8xp

* Easy to learn - Yes extremely like before a tutorial helps you through the first 3 castles almost step by step. They also go over the mini games as well. Rating - 9xp

* Age - This really isn't a rating but just about any age could play this game. Tt really is that simple and there is no huge, You Failed screen or any thing, just a retry even if you don't do well you get some resources. So I say 5yr+

* Fun - The game is ok for a half hour to a hour, after that I found I started getting a little bored with it but it will save so you can always come back Rating - 5xp

* Variety / Attention holding - 7 mini games and of course the building part of the game so plenty of variety Rating - 7xp

* My opinion - Ok from my point of view is, if your looking for a game the whole family can play, or need a game to relax to for 30 min or so this game would be great for that. Over all Rating - 6xp

Floating Kingdoms Tips

I find that if you gather as much of the resources as soon as you begin a stage it makes it much easier later on, this also allows you to trade for the orbs. also you can only use 3 orbs at any one time.Orbs come in many colors but all do same thing. Where the potions come in different colors but can only remove that color curse.

Orbs do not carry over from stage to stage so be sure to use them when you trade for them.

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