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What are Flash Sports Games ?...
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They are sport and competition games. with a twist if it has a sports type of theam then it got put here.

You will notice a quick review and difficulty ratings to let you know my thoughts on the games themselves (Played them all). So have fun.

To play any of the free online flash games just click the picture of the game (It may take a few seconds for them to load so please be patient) They will open in a new window.

Flash Sports Games

8 Ball This overhead pool game has you play a game of pool against a computer opponent. Use the stick to aim and power your shot, then try to make your own colored balls, before the computer managed to play off all his balls. The one that first makes all their shots wins the game. Review - this game is beautifully made easy controls and you can tell which pool ball is yours. The computer is moderately difficult but not overly perfect. Difficulty Moderate

Big Fish A cartoon looking game where you have to catch as many fish as you can in 2 minutes. Throw your hook into the water and catch some fish, the deeper you go the more points you are making, also keep an eye on the 'extra time' fish, shown in the right/lower corner of the game. Review - If you are wanting to fish but can't go out well here you go, you have to be accurate on this game the hook needs to be right at the mouth will take a few try's to figure it out but once you do it gets easier. Difficulty Moderate Easy to Moderate

Crazy Hoopz A basket ball hoops shooting game, there are 9 hoops in all you need to make it into each one to win. Review - If your a fan of basket ball or just like to shoot hoops you will probably like this game. Difficulty Easy to Moderate

Disc Battle A air hockey game. The objective is to slide the puck into your opponents goal while defending your own goal. Matches are 3 minutes. Review - This is a pretty quick game time limit in 3 min, the controls are pretty good. Difficulty Moderate Easy

Downhill Snowboarding Snowboard downhill while doing tricks to score some points. Review- The controls on this takes a little getting use to. Difficulty Moderate

Gulli Up You play as a soccer player juggling the ball while not letting it touch the ground. The player needs to bounce the ball with the head, body or feet. Watch floor and the tasks for better points. Review - This is a fun addicting game play as a soccer player all you have to do is make sure don't drop the ball. Difficulty Easy to Moderate

Paper Golf A very interesting game of golf. You get to see were the hole is then when you go to take the ball to the hole youu need to remember where I was because the screen will go white unclick and you can see were you moved the ball to. Review - I'm not a big golf fan but this game is quite interesting see how well you can do. Difficulty Moderate

Volley Spheres A very simple volley ball game. Review - Love this Flash Sports Game its simple design on game play with nice graphics. Difficulty Moderate

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