Fighting in a Winter Wonderland:
Snowball Fight of the Gods

Guild wars Screenshot of a snowball fight skill

To begin Fighting in a Winter Wonderland...
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you will need to head to Lions Arch or Kamadan and then you need to speak with a Priest / Priestess of either Melandru or Balthazar. Then head off to Temple of Ages (ToA) or Chantry of Secrets (CoS) kneel at one of the Melandru or Balthazar gods shrines and accept the Fighting in a Winter Wonderland quest or Operation: Crush Spirits

The objective to this is to reach the Beacon of Grenth and Balthazar and destroy them or Melandru and Dwayna beacons and destroy them depending on which side you are fighting for.

This works better with 2 people because you will have all level 20 characters and you can bring along exactly what you want to have.

If you don't have a buddy that wants to do this I suggest the following. 2 ritualist's and a monk for hero's, then a monk, necromancer, ranger, and an elementalist.

You do not need to defeat the champions though doing so can make it easier to get to the beacons. The Following maps show 2 different ways to the beacons. While it is suggested you take a party of 8 with you, a party of 4 (you and 3 henchie's or 4 players or any combination of hero's and players) can also do this, though it is a bit more difficult with the hero's.

I have made 3 maps for the Fighting in a Winter Wonderland quests, while their are 2 maps are from Melandru and Dwayna side, the one from Balthazar side is so easy to do that no other map was needed. Each Fighting in a Winter Wonderland map has its own explanation.

You will notice first off waves of mobs rushing down it is best to avoid most of these fights if possible. Also on your map where there are doors, those are actually champions from one of the gods. They are very tough and can easily wipe a group out if they target you. They do 100 damage per hit and have a skill to throw several very fast.

It is not Necessary to fight them you can run past champions they do not move but once again if you get caught up you will probably be defeated by him or the mobs coming up.

Once you defeat a beacon the mobs that spawn from that side will no longer spawn. Once both Beacons are defeated you win.

We will start with Balthazar side first for Fighting in a Winter Wonderland.

This one is the easiest to do because you can actually avoid all the fighting till you see the beacon and the 2 champions defending it. If you follow the map you will see a split off that mobs from the other side are coming from once the mobs split off run past and keep going following the map to the beacon.

Once there take out one of the champions from the side then immediately back up a little bit. Most Likely a henchmen or 2 will have ran in let them die. once the new spawns have left or died take out the beacon.

Follow the map you will come to 5 generals. These guys are as tough as the champions and can be pulled. Pull 1 at a time to you. You only need to take out 2 if you want to be safe take out 3. Once you done this follow the map once again, you will come to another beacon. Once again take out the champion on once side and back up immediately. Most likely another henchmen will have acted stupidly and gone into attack. defeat the mobs if they come to you or with any luck they will leave. This time wait till you see the next spawn, once they are out of possible aggro range take out the beacon, use left control with a skill to make all hero's and henchmen attack what you do and that's it you win the Fighting in a Winter Wonderland.

Guild wars wintersday festival quest Operation: Crush Spirits

OK, Melandru and Dwayna side maps for Fighting in a Winter Wonderland.

Yes,there are 2 maps to this because both of these are equally the same in toughness. This side is is harder because you have further to run and the path way near the champions are smaller. Also if you try to run to the side where balthazar is you do not have enough time to do the same trick. However Taking down the beacons do seem a bit easier. The first map while I show 2 paths, It is suggested you go to the right side first and try to do the 2nd map. If you and your group can at least get the beacon down, then if you all get defeated then use the map below.

This map has 2 paths the right one has Safe zones to stop and wait for mobs to go by then you move to the next one. if you get caught move to safe zone and fight off the mobs. You will be hugging the walls for most of this and moving quickly is advised.

Skipping the champions is pretty easy if you wait for the mobs that come up to get past where your aggro bubble will be and run to the safe zones.

Once your at the beacon fight from the right side where you will not aggro the adds and take out the one champion, then after he is gone go after the beacon. If you do this map then you will do the same thing on the other side but from the left.

Guild Wars quest Fighting in a Winter Wonderland map1

This is the map you want to try to do this is the fastest and shortest route to beating this festival game. Just like before you can avoid most of the fights by being in safe zones that are close to the edges. Letting mobs bypass you and running by champions.

When you get to the beacon you want to take out the champion on the right side first. Making sure you do not aggro the spawning mobs. It is good practice to wait for a set to spawn and leave before you hit the champion. Once its down back up kill any adds that may have aggro-ed. Then Once a spawn has left take out the beacon. This is where its gonna get tricky you need to slip by 2 champions to head to the generals. Like above these guys hit hard like champions but you can pull them.

Pulling them so they come one at a time you should only need to defeat the top two and then slip on by to the next beacon. Once again do the same thing you did before defeat the champion, then the beacon and you will be Victorious

Guild Wars quest Fighting in a Winter Wonderland map2

Tips for Fighting in a Winter Wonderland

While we gone over some of them I think they are important to go over again with a couple other ones.

1) Avoid fights when possible

2) Champions do not move so use that to your advantage

3) Attack the beacon and the champions from the side4) Wait for the spawns to appear and then move out of aggro range before attacking the champions that guard the beacons, and the beacons them selves.

5) On the hero's turn off the skill Snow Down the shirt (3rd one on the bar) by Shift clicking the skill. Also this is a good idea on any aoe Skills as well, Like the rangers Flurry of ice Skill.

6) I know I say this all the time but, relax and take your time (when your at the beacons) You will be fine if your the last one standing just wait it out your hero's and henchmen will eventually get to you. You only need about 3 of them there to actually beat the champions and beacons.

That's it, your reward appears in your bag, and this is totally repeatable. Have fun Fighting in a Winter Wonderland.

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