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Then Farming gold is the way to go.

What is farming online money. It is simply destroying mobs for their drops and gold in a quick manner in order to make money.

There are two farming theory's on the best way to farming gold, and depending on the game, and your play style one may be a bit better than the other.

The first of the theories is Quality Farming. This is were you go to find a high value item in an area or from a specific mob. Then continue to destroy that mob over and over until the specific item drops.

For this farm to be profitable here are a few conditions that should be met;

  • The item you are farming must be dropped from a mob that is easily gotten to or it can drop from a bunch of mobs in a area. The reason for this is so you can farm it quickly.
  • The mob(s) that drops the item should be easily defeated, by as few as possible people as possible, preferably solo.
  • The item you are after is wanted by many players.
  • The item sells for a lot.
  • The item is not overly common and that many people have it unless it is used and goes away.
Now time to go over the Pros and Cons of this farm. We will start with the Pros
  • You do not always have to be solo, as long as your group is willing to share the profits.
  • You already have an idea what you are going to make from the farm.
  • You will get random drops and gold from mobs on the way to your specific mob.

Ok now for the Cons.

  • The item does not always drop with some mobs.
  • Some of these quality farms you have to do with people.
  • It can be time consuming if the item does not drop.
All in all farming online money in this way is not bad.

Now to go with theory two, and my personal favorite, the Quantity Farm.This farm is based off of defeating as many mobs as fast as possible. The faster you can destroy the mobs the more you will make with this farm.

To make this farm profitable you need to make sure these conditions are met;

  • Make sure there are lots of mobs in the area that you want to farm.
  • The mobs need to be easily defeated, while being at the highest level possible. You will want to be able to take on multiple mobs at once, or be able to defeat one at a time very fast.
  • Make sure the area in which you are farming is easy to maneuver around in, making it possible to avoid mobs you don’t want to fight , or avoiding ones that will add when you are fighting.
  • Make sure the mobs drop stackable items. The reason for this is so you can farm for as long as possible before having to go back to a town to sell.

The Pros to the Quantity Farm.
  • One of the nice things about this farm is you can stop at any time during the farm, because your just basically gathering junk to sell to a npc merchant.
  • You will get some decent random drops that can be sold to other players.
  • You are not having to wait for a specific drop to make money.
  • This is done solo most of the time, so you get to keep all the profits for your self.

Now for the Cons for farming gold in this way.

  • You never know how much you are gonna make, the amounts are random.
  • Sometimes getting to the area that you can farm is a real pain.
  • This type of farming is time consuming but not as bad as Quality Farming, since you can stop at any time with out losing out on profit.
Like I said before I like this one, for the flexibility it gives.

You can combine the two farms if you know of a specific drop in area that you can Quantity Farm. Just remember you are farming both ways so if the item does not drop no big deal you still made your money.

Now let's go over basic farming gold builds. The best way to make a farming gold build is to use the mobs weakness against it to destroy it faster. If it is weak to ice spells use ice spells.

Also you might consider how to defeat many mobs at one time, using AoE skills or spells ( AoE is area of effect , means to hit many mobs at once). Your build will take you far in farming gold if you get it right, so take your time and test ityou be rolling in gold in no time.

Well what we waiting for ? Time to start Farming Gold.

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