The Farmer, Growing Wealth by Defeating Mobs

The farmer is a gamer who...
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is interested in gaining wealth, and lots of it.

Their goal in the game is to have the best of everything. Which allows them to be able to go get more items and to get better items as they come out. They like having the virtual clinks of gold in there in-game pockets.

This gamer is the master of PvE grinding. Their knowledge of mob, mob levels, where the mobs locations are, and what the mobs weaknesses are, is unparalleled. They know the easiest ways to get to places and the quickest. They will sometimes power level a lower level player as long as that player is willing to give the them the drops they want.If you need a specific item ask one of these gamers to get it for you, for a fee of course.

This gamer very seldom groups. The reason for not grouping is it allows them to keep all the drops and in-game money for themselves. If they do decide to group it is normally for a specific item that is harder than normal to get. They will recruit a buddy or buddies to help get it and will go after the item a bunch of times then splitting the drops between them. If they do group they try to keep the number of players in the group as low as possible to maximize the profits.

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