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It is a desk that puts the user in a comfortable position allowing them to use the computer for long periods of time with out the strain and pain that comes from normal desks. What does this mean to the gamer? It means you can play for longer periods of time, and that is good.

Due to long hours many players, and others who use computers, may get back, neck, and wrist pain which can lead to repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. This desk will help reduce some of this.

There are 2 basic designs, one for standing and a second for sitting. There are some that can switch from stand to sit and back again.

Any desk can be adjusted to a ergonomic desk by adjusting your surroundings, and the placement of items on your desk.

Ergonomic Computer Desk Tips:
  • Avoid putting stuff under desks.
  • You don't want to be kicking or fighting with items by your feet, making you uncomfortable.

  • The desk should be able to adjust to a variety of positions.
  • Different positions allow you to stay comfortable some adjust angles and height, even to a point of were you can stand up.

  • The desk should allow you to place the monitor directly in front of you, but at least 20 inches away. Position your monitor so it gives you the best viewing angle. This is usually directly at eye-level, which keeps you from having to angle your head to see the screen.
  • If you use a phone frequently throughout the day, think about using a headset or speaker phone this should help avoid neck and shoulder pain.
  • When you are typing from a paper, place the document on either side of the computer in a way that you can see it easily.

  • Adjust your keyboard's position so your arms extend directly away from your body when you type. Your arms should be parallel to the ground.
  • Clean up your desk and put your mouse where you can easily reach it.
  • Consider switching to a standing desk.
  • Reason for this is it lessens back and neck strain.

  • Use an ergonomically designed chair, they allow you to adjust both the height and the angle of the back. You should be able to adjust the height of the armrests also. Your feet should sit flat on the ground.

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