Dzagonur Bastion
Defending the Citadel

Few basics about Dzagonur Bastion...
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When I speak of bonus I am talking about masters bonus which is harder of the two to get. Bonus's are Masters (hardest), Expert (moderate).

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring: this will be what I have found most effective, and will take it as if you have all the hero's.

General Tips

Set all hero's to the shield (defense) that way they do not attack unless they are attacked or you attack. I like to set my healing hero's to passive so they don't attack just heal.

Leet Skills to be Captured

Warrior lvl 28 General Doriah - Magehunter's SmashMonk lvl 28 General Nimtak - Spell BreakerParagon lvl 28 General Kumtash - Anthem of GuidanceElementalist lvl 28 General Tirraj - Invoke Lightning

Dzagonur Bastion

Hero's Needed for you party - Master of Whispers

Dzagonur Bastion Objective'sDefeat the Margonite Generals. Do added tasks.

Dzagonur Bastion BONUSKeep the defenses intact

Suggested Hero's and Henchmen to Bring

Master of Whispers - because he is needed.Ranger - HeroMesmer -Hero

-Henchmen-Two monks, warrior, paragon (note: If you can get away with it bring a 3rd monk will make your life easier)

Dzagonur Bastion Walk Through

This is one of the Most difficult missions in the game, and will take a little luck to get the bonus. You start out up top near a prince speak with him and port down to where the fighting will be. you need to defend the bombards ( which actually help you fight) and the gates. First the mobs will need to destroy a bombard before they can get to the gate but will move quickly on once they have. If they do this they will then try to capture the Bastion if they do this you fail, also if the prince is defeated you fail.

Also the 4 bosses spawn beyond the reach of the bombards and with them is a rift were they create kournans to attack the bombards. Each time you defeat a general the rift they are at closes.

Getting The Dzagonur Bastion Bonus

Getting the bonus is tricky but can be done. The hero builds I show at end of this page are Highly effective also if you can switch out a character for another monk (if you play the profession type of a hero and you use the hero build things should go well).

Start Mission as you usually do but send your group up by the 3 guards defending the center, while you go set all 3 whisper groups to the center.

Get ready to do some running because you going to be doing a lot of it. Head to the left or east bombard get close to it so you can recapture it while defeating the mobs then run quickly to the far right one or west, once again get close to the bombard so you can be recapturing it while fighting.

Also make sure when running to the bombards you swing under the center one you don't want to aggro any mobs that the whisper groups will be fighting.

Once you defeat the mobs there head back over to the east one and defeat the mobs there Now swing back underneath the center area and semi over to the west I like to help fight the center mobs till they are down to 1 or 2 mobs then get just barley out of aggro range of where the Warrior General spawns.

When he does, after the last center mob is defeated. Make sure you target him and take him down fast once he is defeated head to the side between the west bombard and the center defeat any mobs that have followed you there (the Marganites may or may not follow if they don't then forget about them they will stay where they are for rest of the mission), If none that's great head to the East bombard FAST, because there will be a group on it trying to destroy it (if it is destroyed fight off the mobs there you can still get the masters bonus if just one defense is destroyed)

Gain control of this as fast as you can if you need help you can drag some of the mobs to the center and the whispers group can help. Careful on this though you need as many whisper groups there to hold the center while you continue the mission.

Once you have regained control of this chaos fight your way up to the Elementalist General, once again here Target him defeat him fast head back down to the east bombard and fight any mobs that followed. Once you have done this go up and clear the marginites that may still be left from this Generals group.

The next one is the Paragon General Same thing here Target him defeat him run to the east bombard and defeat all that follow go back up and defeat any of his group that is left.

Take a quick short break because the next one is the Monk Just focus on the Monk once it is defeated the mission is over.

Playing in Hard Mode

Same strategy, just a lot harder.

Dzagonur Bastion mission map

Dzagonur Bastion Tips

Pulling and flagging of your hero's and henchmen is key.

Group run skills like the paragons run skill Fall Back is useful for getting from one spot to the next faster.

Relax you may attempt this several times before getting it perfect, so if frustration sets in Stop playing this mission come back to it later.

Consumables are handy for this mission but not needed, If your having trouble with getting to one spot to another fast becuase you don't have a group run chant there are consumables that increase your movement speed, pick one up.

Lightbringer Title buff is handy here even if its Level 1 use it.

The Hero Builds

Tweek the builds to what skills you have but try to keep the concept of the build intact.

Master of Whispers

curse minion necromancer build

Insidious Parasite, Barbs, Spiteful Spirit, Weaken Armor, Dark Bond, Animate Shambling Horror, Animate Bone Minions, Resurrection Chant

Concept I call this Build Cursed Minions, becuase it combines a minion master with a curse necro. this build debilitates the foe your fighting into hurting himself and others when they attack.


shutdown mesmer build

Empathy, Ignorance, Backfire, Chaos Storm, Leech Signet, Signet of Clumsiness, Psychic Instability, Resurrection Chant

Concept This is a easy shutdown build that works on both casters and tanks, makes it so if they attack they get hurt or can't fight.


Interrupt ranger mission build

Broad Head Arrow, Disrupting Shot, Savage Shot, Leech Signet, Signet of Clumsiness, Signet of Distraction, Energy Tap, Resurrection Signet

Concept A basic Interrupt build great for stopping many bosses from casting there hard hitting spells.

As Always
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