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time can only be one of 2 races (soon to be 4 once cataclysm comes out). This class has a special relationship with nature which allows them to change there forms. Each of the forms can strengthen this class in different ways. This is one reason why this class is very easy to level.

The Druid

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Feral Combat - This is up close in your face melee damage, Both tanking and dps. The use of bear and cat form is used in this.

Balance - Is damage spells, also if you train in this far enough you will learn the druid form Moonkin aka Boomkin.

Restoration - Healing, healing and more healing is what you will be doing with restoration specialize in it far enough and you will learn the Tree form.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

Night Elves - While the only Alliance choice for druids right now they will still have a few great reasons to still be picked for druids in the future.

Shadowmeld which makes you stealth up. This gives this class 2 stealth's, one in cat form and one out of it. Shadowmeld can be used at anytime making most mobs lose interest in you.

Quickness makes you harder to hit by foes.

Tauren - While the only Horde choice for druids right now they will still have a few great reasons to still be picked for druids in the future.

War Stomp a area of effect stun that lasts 2 seconds.

Endurance is just a way to say "nananana I get more health than you" yep they actually get a 5% health boost.

Then when cataclysm comes out 2 races get to learn this class.

The Worgen - this new race (when cataclysm comes out) will be allowed to be a druid for the alliance. With some racial traits that may make you want to use them for the class like.

Darkflight Makes you move faster for a short period of time.

Aberration which makes curses and diseases drop a bit sooner than normal.

Trolls - While all ready able to be played by horde players as other classes, they will soon be able to learn the ways of the druid. Trolls have some nice racial traits that can help make playing this class much easier.

Berserking Flip out, get made, go a little crazy because your going to be casting and attacking faster for a few seconds.

Regeneration You will always be getting some health back regenerating 10% faster than most races.

There are 3 types of druids basically

Healer better known as Restoration Druids. Which are almost always in demand. With Many healing over time spells (HOT's) and couple Area of effect spells (AOE) makes druids good for raid heals. The one thing that separate's this class from other healing classes, that have stronger heals, is druids have the only in combat resurrection (Rez or Brez).

Tree Form gives you a nice boost in healing anyone in a 45 game yards of you will get a 6% boost in any heals received also costs of healing spells for you is reduced. you also receive a armor boost giving you close to mail armor. Only thing you cant not do in this form is use any skill s that is not considered a restoration skill. Few cons in being in Tree Form First you are considered a elemental so anything that hurts elementals more hurt you more as well as that you can be removed from a fight through banish.

Caster or Balance Druids Use spells to beat their foes into submission. While not normally known for super huge Dps (against bosses) they do bring some unique quality's to a group. They have some decent crowd control (CC), Have some very nice Area of Effect spells (AOE) that can really do lot of damage to many foes at once. The biggest draw that these druids bring to a group is Moonkin form.

Moonkin Form or Boomkin as it is commonly referred to in WoW. Brings a couple nice things to a group. First is while in this form everyone in the group that is within 45 game yards gets a chance to crit with spells by 5% making many casters in a group very happy. Also the moonkin gains almost plate like armor and has a chance to regenerate 2% mana instantly. All sounds good well the bad side is if you try to use any non-balance skills (there are a couple you can use) you will leave the moonkin form leaving you very vulnerable.

Tank / Rouge Why is there 2 here? Because there both in the same talent tree Feral. You will use Cat form for Damage per second (dps) it can also stealth. While the Bear form is used more for Tanking. You will really need to be in these forms to effectively tank or dps with melee.

Bear Form Gives you plate like armor and more health. the bear skills you get make you a very tough tank to beat. While Cat Form allows you to stealth about and have higher dps than the bear form, you do however lack the armor in cat form. The combination of these though can devastate a foe, because they will not see you coming. Stealth in in cat form stun them and then as they come out of the stun go bear.

Weapons and Armor

You can wear cloth and leather, while not the strongest stuff out there you don't really need it because the forms you take will make your armor stronger in some way.

Weapons is really a matter of preference.

Staff's - These are a two handed weapon most of these will be geared towards casting and healing.

One handed Mace - A mace is a hammer of sorts used to well shmush a foe. Hammers will be geared to all sorts of classes healing, casting, even melee.

Two Handed Mace - Bigger, meaner, heavier version of the one handed. Most of these are geared for tanking and dps.

Dagger - A blade, mostly for casting and dps.

Fist Weapon - Think brass knuckles and you get the idea of a fist weapon. These weapons can be for a tanking, healing, dps, and casting.

Pole Arm - A very long weapon, used to do lots of damage mainly for tanks.

Reasons to Play a Druid

Versatility is the top reason you can go from tank, to caster, to healing filling a void when you need too.

They level quickly. While others have to sit around to regain mana and health you can heal yourself and go and tank as a bear when your mana is back to full you can cast or if you like tanking do that.

They have a Brez and are the only ones with it.

They can escape many slow down skills by changing form even remove polymorph by doing so as well.

The Bad Side of Being a Druid

They are not the best at anything (They are the best at every thing - a quote from Hapa a guild member of mine). They do it all well but there is always someone better.

You will be targeted right off in most Player VS Player (pvp) fights, reason you can heal.


While leveling, cast till the mob is on you then melee the mob down, heal if you need to. At end of your fight heal. When you run Out of Mana or Power (oom or oop). Then just melee the mobs till mana is back. This will shorten your down time. Also carry mana regening drinks like milk or water to help speed up mana regen when you have to stop to get it back.

Typhoon can knock other players off there mounts, it also knocks players back a little bit.Changing your form will break most movement reducing effects, like roots.

Do not be afraid to switch forms to do help with something if you have to, sometimes this can save a group. Example: You are Dpsing and the healer gets knocked to far away to heal, or is silenced or even defeated, you healing for those few seconds till you have a chance to rez the healer could save the group.

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