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Before we get going lets go over my rating system and a little about the reviewer(s) for the game.

The Rating System

Defeated - In My opinion this was Horrible, worse than a clown that cant juggle, do balloon animals, or make you laugh.

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect but something is holding it back

Leveled - this is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion

* Easy to play - What this is if you can just pick up the game and play with little or no guide needed

* Easy to learn - This is usually were a game can lose a player and then you spend some time figuring it out.

* Age - Recommended age for the game, I will put the game rating here then my opinion as well.

* Fun - This is how fun the game was to them, If the game isn't fun why play it?

* Variety / Attention holding - This is important to have options maybe its different levels , many games who know but if its the same thing over and over it will get boring.

* My opinion - this is the reviewers final thoughts on the game and the final Over all rating

Ok now the Reviewers

Online Gamer Richie - Hard Core Gamer with a passion for games. Favorite games mmorpg's, and casual puzzle games, and anything strategic like chess. Not a big sports game fan, or one for splattering of blood and guts. Big on game play, Love graphics but if it hurts the game play forget it. Like games with a good plot.

DragonStone ™

The game "Dragonstone" is a bubble or marble popping game, what sets this one apart from other popper games isn't the fact its set in a midevil era but your using a Magical cross bow that not only fire the bubbles but arrows as well. Your job given by the king find and return with the dragonstone, with a reward of one day having everything the king has and marriage to the kings daughter.

System Requirements for Dragonstone:

System Requirements:

* OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* CPU: 1.0 GHz
* RAM: 512 MB
* DirectX: 8.1

OK The things I Liked about this game The Cross Bow. The bow as said before shoots from the top down, this right here is a bit unusual as most of these games are normally from the bottom or middle of the screen.

The bow its self moves left and right, it allows you to collect items such as gold (which allows you to buy upgrades), and other items. Arrows the Bow shoots are used to hit targets and enemy's that need to be hit.

-Online Gamer Richie-

* Easy to play - Definitely easy to play its all point and click. Rating - 9xp

* Easy to learn - Definitely easy takes you through some training as well. Rating - 9xp

* Age - This really isn't a rating but just about any age could play this game. So I say 6+

* Fun - The game is fun I do like it. You can play and leave come back and continue on at a later time. - 7xp

* Variety / Attention holding -There isn't much variety. there are basically 2 modes to the game adventure and puzzle Rating - 3xp

* My opinion - I like the game, I do think they could have added more variety to the game. Rating - 6xp

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