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your gamers desk are:

Easy access to all the cords , what I mean by this is do you have to slide the cords through part of the desk to the tower, or is the tower behind a door and you have to disconnect every thing to check it out? Don't forget plug outlets with the placement of the desk

Are there drawers to put stuff in? How about shelves? Cd rack or game rack? Basically is there enough space for you to put all your game related stuff into the desk for easy access?

Is the desk at the right height for you? If it’s a bit tall, the chair you get may need to be adjustable. If it's to short you may need to look at another desk.

You found the perfect desk for you. It's in the perfect spot and fits there nicely. Now what? Now is the time to decide on how you want the area to look for best gaming experience. Place the monitor where there is little or no glare, while being comfortable for you to see it. Make sure the keyboard and mouse are in a comfortable spot for you to use, while looking at the monitor.

The tower should be placed in an easy access place that does not stretch the cords to their limits. Place the speakers in the spots that will give you the best possible sound . Preferably one on each side of you if you have the standard 2 speakers.

Place all the important gamer stuff you have in the proper spots for easy access when you need it. Sit in your chair and hop on your online game.

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