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any of the races. In order to be able to unlock or use the DK, you will have had to have leveled a character to level 55. At this point you can make a DK, which starts at level 55. The DK is a plate wearing caster of sorts. They do not generate mana / Power like other classes. Also they are limited on there fighting by runes which is used for there attacks to used there are 2 of 3 types. Frost runes, Blood runes, and Unholy Runes which are used when using many skills and will replenish over time.

The Death Knight

There are 3 talents that this class can pull from.

Frost - They say if you can't take the heat get out of the fire. Well Frost DK's not only can handle the heat they make it down right chilly. Higher armor and threat generation comes from frost.

Unholy - Damage over Time (DoT) spells, anti magic skills, summoning of minions, and a way to increase your movement speed and attack speed. Yep sometimes its good to be bad.

Blood - High damage, and survive ability in the same package. Every time you hit with a melee attack you regain Health, its no wonder why this talent is called blood you vampire.

Each of these talents can be pulled from or if you want you can just specialize all in one your choice.

The races you can choose from Are

All of them so here a few that I found to be kinda neat.

The Blood Elf - This horde race is one of the more appealing races for a DK, if you get sick and tired of casters always casting those dang high damage spells.

Arcane Torrent An Area of Effect (AoE) that silences foes around you, also restores some runic power (thats the DK's mana pool).

Magic Resistance Spells dont hit you as often.

Draenei - This race Is another of my Favorites for a DK, they have racials that complement the DK in ways that others cant. Alliance faction.

Gift of the Naaru A heal over time (HoT) spell that can be used on yourself or others. Having a extra heal is always good.

Heroic Presence Increases the chance to hit for everyone in your party.

Night Elves - One of the Alliance choice's for Death Knight they have a few great reasons to be picked for being a DK.

Shadowmeld which makes you stealth up. Shadowmeld can be used at anytime making most mobs lose interest in you.

Quickness makes you harder to hit by foes.

Tauren - One of the Horde choice's for DK So why pick them well here a couple good reasons.

War Stomp a area of effect stun that lasts 2 seconds.

Endurance is just a way to say "nananana I get more health than you" yep they actually get a 5% health boost.

There are 2 types of Death Knights basically

Dps Most of the Damage per Second (Dps) Dks will be either Unholy or Blood, becuase of the talents and bonus's you will get in those talent trees. Unholy use the many DoT's while Bloood use's more of the Direct Damage or spike damage.

Tank Frost is great for tanking for DK's they get more armor, health and generate threat all of which tanks need. This comes with a cost though they do not do as much Dps, dont let that fool you they still can dish out the damage.

Weapons and Armor

You can wear any armor, while not recommended you could if you wanted too. Plate is going to be what you want to wear giving you the best possible armor. If your going to be tanking you will wan plate as well because the armor bonus you get is based off of the armor.

Weapons is really a matter of preference.

One handed Axes - While often used for chopping wood, it was discovered that a axe makes a good weapon as well. used mainly by melee classes for Dps and tanking.

Two Handed Axes - Larger and slower but gives you more bang for your buck. here again used by melee classes for Dps and Tanking.

One handed Mace - A mace is a hammer of sorts used to well shmush a foe. Hammers will be geared to all sorts of classes healing, casting, even melee.

Two Handed Mace - Bigger, meaner, heavier version of the one handed. Most of these are geared for tanking and dps.

Fist Weapon - Think brass knuckles and you get the idea of a fist weapon. These weapons can be for a tanking, healing, dps, and casting.

Pole Arm - A very long weapon, used to do lots of damage mainly for tanks.

One handed Sword - Longer than a dagger these weapons are used by by many though mostly Dps and Tanks there are some Swords that are caster based.

Two Handed Sword - While you need 2 hands to even hold this sword in most cases you soon discover that many foes will fall from this deadly weapon. Used by Dps and Tanks.

Reasons to Play a Death Knight

I found them fun to play no matter what race you want to be.

They may not have the versatility of other classes but what they do they do well.

Starts at level 55 Enough said.

The Bad Side of Being a Death Knight

There are lots of them, so you will be fighting for gear.

Not many players like having many DK's in a raid so be aware if there is already 2 or 3 in a raid you may get kicked for another class.

Death Knight Tips

Leveling a DK should not be difficult Just take your time. You will find that summoning your minion is very handy for tough fights.

Take your time deciding your race, the racial traits can be very helpful depending on your play style.

Last thing here gearing a DK is not going to be easy, So a few quick things one run reg Violet Hold and Tournament of Champions to get some decent gear with your guild. If your not in a guild getting gear is going to be harder just relax and take your time.

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