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Hero or Villain. Have you ever wanted to be the hero who saves the day? Maybe you always thought that if you had the powers of a villain that you could be 1000x better than any comic book villain. Then this is the game for you.

At first when I started on this game I was so disappointed in it, seriously I told a gaming friend of mine that I thought the game was a bunch of garbage.

So after saying that I need to clarify something...


and I do hate being wrong. So what does all this actually mean? It means this is a great game, it does have its quirks. The biggest thing that got me was it wasn't like other MMO's.

Take for instance that the mouse buttons are not used to click on the quick bars, or to move around like other games.

The targeting in DC Universe Online is a bit strange as well for this type of game. However once you get use to it you do see that the game was designed in a way to allow you to have more ability's. Making you even more super than you would have been.

Lets take a look at a few of these Quirks in DC Universe Online that may make other gamers go UGGG. Lets start with the mouse controls.

Depending on the Weapon skill set you choose will depend on what you will do. These are the basics tho, first targeting is as easy as looking at the mob you want to attack. This is easier said then done, you will be fighting multiple mobs usually. Good thing many skills and powers can hit multiple mobs.

The right and left buttons do the attacking, right is ranged the left is melee. What is cool about this is a combination of clicks (once you have learned the skill) can allow you to do some very powerful attacks.

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Lets Talk DC Universe Online Powers

Powers or Gadgets are the tools of a great Hero or Villain.and there are lots of them. While the free version you will not have access to all the power types you do get a wide range of them. There are 3 classes of powers.

Iconic : These are well known powers. Think super human strength or heat vision from Superman. Booster Golds Robotic drone, lol yes they have some hero's that are not as well known, there powers are just as iconic as the well known.

Movement : While there are only 3 of these they do add extra powers to your arsenal.

Super Speed - this allows you to move fast, you may not be as fast as the flash but you will be able to run on water, and upside buildings. The extra powers you can lean from taking this are all based on speed.

Flight - Who hasn't wanted to fly like Superman, soaring above the buildings and swooping down on the bad guys. Once again you can gain some extra powers that are based on flying.

Acrobatics - Tumble and Climb your way around a city. Ever wonder how it feel to be Batman? You can find out picking this one. Extra skills are all based on this, Think a grappling hook used for traveling, used to bring mobs to you, you then will fully understand this movement power.

DC Universe Online Base Powers : Now we get to the main powers, these are what makes you special. They fall in to different categories, and not all of them are open to Free to Play Gamers. That's right This is where they get you, however there are a lot of powers to get started with, and the rest are purchasable.

Every Base Power comes in 2 ways you can grab from both sides making a unique character.

Few powers and examples of who use them.

Nature powers : Plants - While most think plants are harmless you know better they can help heal, stop a foe from moving and even hurt a foe. So you may want to think about that the next time you decide to prune that rose bush. Poison Ivy is a good example of Nature powers.

Gadgets : Tricks - Hey look over there!! LOL, tricked you. Didn't see that one coming did you? HMMM, maybe that's not quite your style maybe some Intimidation might be more your style, either way this one works for both the Clown Prince (the Joker) and the Dark Knight (Batman).

Sorcery :Summoning - Magic, one of the few things that can harm one of the greatest Superheros of all time, Superman. So why wouldn't you choose this one? Summoning allows you to call guardians to help you fight.

While this game started off as a Pay to Play game it has moved to Free to play.

DC Universe Online has 3 Levels of Game Play.

Free to Play (F2P): These players play for free, they however are limited in several aspects in the game. Such as 2 characters, limited bag space, limited on the amount of money you can have on you, the rest goes into a escrow for when you upgrade your account.

Premium Players: These plays Have all the stuff a F2P player has, but gains a few extra perks like having more characters, able to put stuff up on the auction. To become a premium player one need to purchase something in game for at least $5.

Legendary: These players pay to play this game, and get the most perks. They start off with 16 characters, lots of bag space and access to almost every part of the game. So if you are really into the game this may be the best way to play.

Reasons to Play DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online has some of the best graphics, the game is designed well, though its not as instinctive as games like WoW, but once you have played a while it becomes a natural feel.

There are lots of achievements to obtain, these can help your character by building up extra skill points to spend. The achievements in the game are often times battling against Hero's and Villains that many people would recognize.

Station Coins or Cash

This is a system of upgrading your game. It allows you to buy more quests, items, outfits ,and much more to enhance your game play.

The ways you get Station Cash are: You may purchase them in game from the In-Game Store. Or in stores with cash for a Game Card.

So who should play this game? anyone who is a big fans of Comic books, superheros, or those who just want something a little different. You will be give quests from Hero's and Villains depending on your side.

So if your looking for free, fun, and something different, then this is the game for you.

Hero's and Villains, powers, epic adventures, fighting many mobs at a time.

Being the Hero that Legends are made of, or the Villain that is going to take of over the world. Meeting your favorite hero's or villains. It is all up to you to decide.

The Download for the game can be found at DC Universe Online.

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