What is a crafter?

A crafter is a creator of...
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items, weapons, armors, and other things. They will create what ever they can, that a player might want. When they create they create the best, and sell the best.

They are part-farmers, in order to keep there costs as low as possible they do go out and get the materials they need to create there items. Finding a gamer who creates items is not hard, they are usually hanging out in towns, selling what they have made, or looking for a job.

Doing this job is not cheap because it takes time to create items. So if you think the price they are asking for is a bit steep , it actually may not be, for all the time spent to get the materials and time to create it.

This gamer spends most his time creating and farming. So if you need the best, look for this type of gamer.

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