Countess Aire

by Count
(Portland Oregon)

the Guild

the Guild

The Countess Can get you from Northern Wall to Yaks. With a minimum amount of fighting. She does it for tips and just to get people started on the right track.

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by: Anonymous

Count ran gates of Kryta in fraction of time it would normally take! Highly Recommend using him for this mission! Thank you Count!

A Countess Aire Review
by: OG Richie Says:

Are you looking for a nice easy run from town to town? Are you new to the game and need some tips to get you on your way? Countess Aire can be found running players from Ascalon, to as far as Yaks bend sometimes further but shhh, don't tell anyone.

How do I know this cuz I have used Countess Services to help me.

Count has a real desire to help new and older players play the game better. So while Aire's runs, if you have questions ask, if the count knows the answer you will get the answer at no extra charge.

I got lucky that Aire's was running the day I needed it, Count runs when she feels like it or is not busy helping out the guild she is in. Aire's runs later in the evening (Pacific Time).

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