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to show off the game you like to play during Halloween. You know that day when the kids show up at your door step begging for candy, disturbing your game play. Well its coming around again, This year why not have a little fun and become your favorite character or profession? Or maybe become one of the mobs in your favorite online game just don’t eat the children if you decide on the mob.

How about being a billboard for your favorite online game ? Or your favorite online site that talks about online games, you know, ok maybe not but you can be creative and come up with your own ideas.

The Ideas

Sense many of the online games gamers play are set in a medieval era, its not to hard to find renaissance type costumes to use as a base for your character or class. Most costume shops online and off will have the basics that you will need, from fake swords and weapons to Hats, Wigs and Masks and the actual costume.

You may need to get a little creative and think, how can I change this to look a little more like my character. If any one asks you can say this is the starter armor of my character. If you didn’t have time to modify the costume.

One of the big things you will have to remember to do is getting your name above your head, many online games show the characters name above their head or below there feet. The below feet thing wont work to well so lets stick to above the head.

Kids before you decide to do this ask your parents for permission and help.

The Floating Name: Stuff you will need:

Wire Hanger, Long thin cardboard, Tape, Markers, Electrical tape, staples, Construction paper, Glue, Your creativity, glitter and what ever else you may want to use to decorate the floating name with.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to take one of those old wire hangers out of the closet and pretty much un ravel it.Then bend it so you have a long high piece sticking up then reattach the other end around the bottom so it looks like it’s a hanger with a tall end. Something like this.

This is the first step  to the floating name, bending a  hanger.

At this point you should take your long piece of cardboard and cover it with the construction paper using the glue or tape or even staples to hold it down. When this is done it should sort of look like this.

second step placeing paper or construction paper over cardboard and taping/stapleing/glueing it

Let the glue dry during this time take the time to use the electrical tape to go around the wire were we reconnected it this is to help make sure we don’t get poked by it. As well as make sure that it wont come apart. Looks like this.

step three, to ensure that the hanger stays togeather and to help make sure u dont get poked you tape the hanger where you reconected it.

Once the glue has dried its now time to use your creativity, put a character name on it, or the name of the mob you are. Hey maybe be a NPC. like Sharen (NPC) or Jon (NPC), put your level on it or title you have. You should have a little fun with it.

This next part you will need to be careful on, your going to slip the tall wire through the cardboard the center of it as if it was standing up something like this.

step4, this step is conecting the hanger with the name that you created on the construction papered cardboard

Once you have done that you will take the clear tape and up were it would come out at you are going to put 3-5 strips Not overly long but enough to make sure that the wire wont poke through and have the floating name slide down. Then at the bottom you are going to tape it their as well to help secure it so it doesn’t twirl and slide down. Should look like this. I used black tape so it could be easily seen how it was put on using clear tape will make it harder to see.

step5, this is taping the hanger and the cardboard in a way so it doesnt spin

Well what do you know you have your name floating above your head. If nothing else this could be your costume. How? Just say I'm a SIMS character no one can argue with you over that can they?

step6 this what it looks like all togeather.

Masks and Mobs

Becoming a mob is going to be much harder, or if your character is non human, elves and undead type characters wont be to hard that makeup and a few spirit glue accessories. Other mobs tho will be much more difficult to become so a little creativity will be needed.

First you need to find a mask or a makeup kit that will allow you to make the mob face of your choice, try to choice a mob that should be fairly easy to do. Animal outfits can be a good start for werewolf type mob then add in the armor it may have. Just take your time and don’t forget you can always chose a different mob you like if the first choice isn’t easily done.

Please when creating your costume never carry any real weapons like knifes or swords, not only are they dangerous but you can get in trouble, so be sure to carry the ones bought from a store that are fake, it is just for fun.So what happens when Halloween is over, don’t toss that costume yet, you may want to have a game theme costume party later on in the year, or maybe use it again next year.

Ok so you don’t want to buy a costume, you can always try to rent one remember though you will want to do that early on before Halloween, so you will have one if you don’t you may be out of luck.

Who knows maybe playing in the costume will help your game play, just joking but if your gonna play during Halloween and give out candy might as well have some fun.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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