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Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

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Multiplayer Online Game or Mog for short. at any time there could be hundreds to thousands of players on. You can chat with friends, play games, challenge other players to games, and wonder around in the game world discovering new and crazy things.

The Club Penguin World

There are 13 different areas that a player may go 1 of which you need to be a paying member of the game. In some of the zones there are games you can play and coins to win.

The Zones

The Dock - Their is a game here Hydro Jump, were you are on a rubber tire and you jump and avoid obstacles while your pulled by the boat. You get extra points for jumping over obstacles some can not be jumped so you will need to avoid those ones.

The Beach - enter the light house go to the top of it and the game Jet Pack is waiting for you. in this game you strap a jet pack to your penguin and collect coins while avoiding things that will knock you out of the sky. Don't let your fuel run to low so be sure to collect the fuel cans to keep you air born because penguin's can't fly with out a jet pack.

Town - There 3 places to go here one is the Coffee shop if you enter here and go up stairs there is a typing game that will help tech you typing.

The 2nd place is the Night Club here you can do the dance contest this is a great fun game, and can win a ton of coins here.

Also if you go up stairs there are a couple arcade machines you can play one is thin ice can you solve the puzzle.

The other is Astro Barrier, in this game your objective is to stop the moving targets good luck.

And lastly the Gift Shop. The gift shop has no games at this time but you can spend your coins here to change your color or buy clothes (if your a paying member).

Snow Forts - This area has a clock that is set for club penguin time. This clock is same time across all time zones.

The Plaza - There are 3 stores here as well, Pet Shop were you can play puffie round up. in this game you try to get the puffies into the pen as fast as possible you get to win coins.

Theater Is really a store were you can buy costumes for your penguin. Area were you play pizzatron

Pizza Shop in this place you get to play a game where you make pizzas .

Member Igloo - This is basically igloos that paying members have bought and you can visit friends there.

Club Penguin Ski Village - You can go to the Sports Store where you can buy more stuff for your penguin.

The Ski Lodge Couple of games here to play like Connect 4 with other players, or go Ice Fishing in which you try to catch the fish for coins.

Ice Rink - The ice rank is just another hang out place.

Forest - Just a fun zone to hang out in at the moment.

Cove - Time to hit the waves with the Surfing game here at the cove. I suggest you take the lesson to learn to surf if you don't know how. So go hit the waves.

Mine - Cart surfer game here where you ride a mine cart and do tricks but be careful not to hit the walls.

Ski Hill - You find your self at a sled race. Which you play against other players try to be the first one down the hill, while avoiding obstacles.

Dojo Courtyard - Here is a place to lay Ninja Cards try to become the greatest Ninja card player. Its a rock paper scissors game with a a twist. Can you become a master ninja card player? This is a game where you do play against other players good luck. As you win more your belt color goes up.

Parents Info on Club Penguin

Before we get into what this game allows parents to do I want to remind you that it is up to you to do extra research on the game. maybe even try it out before allowing your children to play. Gaming is a fun thing to for children but playing for long hours is not always good.

There are benefits to gaming like enhanced reading skills, eye hand coordination, problem solving skills but at the same time they are not being active which is important to good health. So limiting the game time for young children is important.

Parents Note: Club Penguin has 2 versions of safe chat. The first one called Ultimate Safe Chat has predetermined statements that a player can use as well as emotes, actions and other things. This also limits what they can also read or see from other players.

The 2nd version is Standard Safe Chat This is basically a bad word filter hyped up. It try's to keep unappropriated language and phrases from being seen as well as Identifiable Information, while allowing the players to communicate by typing in what they want to say.

Standard Safe Chat is not perfect so things do get through, they do have game monitors which are hired staff that try to keep an eye on what is being said and are there to help.

Club Penguin also has 2 ways to play. The first way is Free, that is right no fees its free to play. The thing is that your child will not be able to do as much as some other players like buy the clothing or get specialty items. but they can go just about anywhere and play any of the games.

Ok the 2nd way to play is Membership play. This gives you absolutely access to everything you can spend your coins and get those specialty items. There are 3 plans A monthly fee of $5.95, or pay for 6 months up front for $29.95 or for 1 year up front for $57.95. If you cancel the account all the stuff you purchases gets put away till you resubscribe.

If you are a bit worried about putting your information up on the net you can buy membership cards from actual stores.

Are you worried your child will be on the game way to much? Don't be You have a special page where you can set up time limits.

Set Play Hours - set times for your child to play between.

Limit the Daily Total - limit the amount of total time your child plays.

(Sorry kids but the parents gotta know this stuff).

You can see the days and how long they are playing for as well as if they have been banned or not.

As a parent you get to have your own personal password so you can manage your kids accounts you can even change their password if you think its necessary.

Club Penguin Ratings and last thoughts.

The ratings go from lowest to highest

Defeated - In My opinion this was Horrible, worse than getting a spanking as a kid

1xp - 4xp = sub par games

5xp - this is average

6xp - 8xp - better than average in my opinion

9xp - a near perfect but something is holding it back

Leveled - this is so close to perfect or is perfect in my opinion

  • Easy to play - Many of the games are extremely easy to play there are a couple that does take time to learn but most are easy so to this gets a 9XP
  • Easy to learn - This is usually were a game can lose a player and then you spend some time figuring it out. This game most of it is really easy but you do need to know how to read. So if you have a child that does not you may need to show them how to play. So for this I give an 6XP
  • Helps the kid to learn something - This online game for kids has a couple educational games in it but is more of a virtual hang out game place for your kids to talk to friends.4
  • I truly think they could have had more in this to help learning.

  • Age - I can see many children playing the Club Penguin games, 4-5 yrs of age with a parent near by 6yr+ should have no problems learning the games
  • Fun - Many of the games on this are really easy and can get boring for older children becuase of this I'm giving this rating a 5XP
  • Variety / Attention holding - Variety lots of games but several are the same type of game just looks a bit different 5XP

Club Penguin is more of a virtual world than a game but all the same its a safe place for kids to go and chat with friends.

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

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Play the Game Your way

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