Choosing a Gaming Desk
That Fits

Choosing A Gaming Desk

Here are a few things to consider before going out and just buying a computer desk...

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  • How much room you have for it.?
  • How much space will I need for the computer and everything else I will be using on it as well?
  • What does it look like?
  • Placement of the desk
  • Will you have to move it around?

Let's answer each of the questions about choosing a gaming desk:

How much room you have for it? This one is about the amount of space you have for your desk. To find this out you need to measure.

The height Yes, how tall should it be. If it is a bit tall you may get some shelf space from it to put the game guides you have or the disks to the games you play.

The width This is how wide it shall be. You want to be sure it can fit the monitor and keyboard and mouse comfortably at least.

The Length, This is how long it can be, the extra room may be a blessing when you have your game maps out, and the game magazine out while playing that online game.

If you are looking at a L-shape or U-shape type of desk you will need to measure the space in between as well to make sure you have room to sit comfortably.

How much space will I need for the computer and everything else I will be using on it as well? You need to be sure you have enough space on the desk that you can do everything you would like to do plus a little extra.

Few items that you may have on your desk at any given time.

Computer monitor
Computer tower
Mouse and mouse pad
Web Cam
Place to have a pencil/pen holder
Room to write
A game guide/maps
A drink/food - I don’t suggest you have this on the desk but from time to time it happens, better to have room for it than to accidentally dump it on your keyboard or computer.

What does it look like? This is about what you like. If it will fit in the space you want and still look good. Does it give you a gamer feeling when you sit down. Are you relaxed? This is about your personality, pick one that fits.

Placement of the desk This is very important, you don’t want to place it in a spot that will give you a glare from a light or window but at same time you don’t want to be in some dreary black hole some place. Find a spot that works for you. If it's by a window make sure you can set the monitor in a way that you won't get a glare.

Will you have to move it around? Do You like to change the set up of a room, every so often, or if you just need to save room you may want a desk with wheels.

Once you have the general idea of how much space and what you need its time to figure out what type you want. What type of materials you want it made out of, and its look.

Choosing a gaming desk is really about you, and what you like just remember that all the work you did figuring out what you need has to be the criteria of what you get. You don’t want to try to squeeze a 6 foot desk in a 4 foot area, it just will not work. No matter how great the desk looks.

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