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Do you want to get your gamer a game, but the OMG they're so expensive, stressed out, crazy feeling hits when you see the price. Maybe you’re a gamer looking for games but don’t feel like paying the sticker price.

Many games especially when they come out are around $50, So how do you save some cash when you can easily spend a few hundred bucks on games. Is it worth it? I say yes it is, hey were else can you get hours of fun for as cheap a price as that, figure a game takes you 50 hours to beat, that’s a buck a hour right? A movie is about $8, if your lucky it will be 2 hours long so $4 a hour there. Gaming has replay value as well.

So now lets get to making gaming even more affordable shall we.

Cheap Gaming Tips

Tip 1 - Buy Used

Buying used gives you some great options, and they are often extremely cheap. They are games other people have played, beat, or have gotten bored with. Sometimes it’s a game they didn’t really want but tried so it is still practically new.You will find used games in game stores, and online through many of the game sites or on e-bay and craigs list. The games you will find will normally be at half the retail price or even less. That’s great for gamers, more games to play.

One point to be said here, For online games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. These games cannot be bought used through a store, and should not be bought used through a person either. There are secret codes that are attached with an account and the person who bought it knows this code, so At Any Time They Could Take It Back just by using the secret code.This is a scam that people do use. Don’t get caught in it.

Tip 2 - Be Patient

If you can hold off on buying the newest, best, greatest game ever, do so. You may find out that all the hype around the game was just fluff, in which case you just saved yourself a few bucks. Also by waiting the price will drop, the longer you wait the more it will drop. By waiting sometime the game will go on sale and then you will get it at a good price. This does have one drawback for mmorpg gamers, it will put you at a disadvantage for a short time in those games but as gamers we can over come this with our skillz, a good point to this is, all the good builds will have been found and you don’t have to make your own if you don’t want too.

Cheap Game Tip 3 - Sales

Don't give me that look, I know you know this tip but it needs to be said anyway. Games do go on sale, maybe not as often as we would like but they do, and many mmorpg games go on sale when an expansion to the game is coming out. Another great sale time is during the holidays, this is a good time to buy games. Some stores have a game bin, what this is, is since the newer games are coming in and they don’t have a place to place to put the older games, so they toss them into this bin and sell them cheaper. If you look hard enough you can find some great cheap games.

Cheap games photo of 4 games , guess who , city of heros , Guild wars,  and star craft

Tip 4 - Going Out Of Business

Its sad to see a game store go out of Business or a game company but at the same time this gives you great opportunities to buy cheap games. Often when either a game company goes out or a store the games prices drop, because they have to get rid of the merchandise. This means lots of games for very low prices. I Suggest you get there before I do, otherwise the cheap games you want won't be there.

Tip 5 - Rent/Games-on-Demand

Renting games is another great way to save on money and space. Some games do not take long to beat so renting may be a very good option for these games. Unless you're like me and like having a huge collection of games. If you are going to rent, I suggest doing it when you will have plenty of time to play or renting through a online game company that lets you play till done with a subscription like Game fly. One of the major advantages of renting is you can see if you like the game enough to buy it.

Once again you will not be able to rent mmorpg's.

Cheap Game Tip 6 - Friends

You may find a friend willing to sell his old games that he doesn’t play anymore, or if they need the money, and usually you will get a good deal.

Tip 7 - Trade

Trade games with a friend or trade them into stores for cash or store credit for other games. You will not get as much for your games this way but if it’s a game you do not want or just have to have a new game this is one way to do it.

Tip 8 - Store Promotions

This can be very interesting, sometimes it’s a trade, like 3 old games for 1 new game. Or a sale like buy 2 games get a 3rd one free. This is one to keep a eye on.

Tip 9 - Contests

This is a good way to get a free game, but you have to realize that you may not win. Contests come in many forms, some are tournament some are entries with luck involved. Some contests will let you win cash or newest games others are demos with promotional items you just have to check it out and see if this is for you.

Cheap Game Tip 10 - Sell

This is my least favorite tip, selling your games decreases your game collection but it does allow you to buy new games.The strategy here is to buy, play, beat, then sell very quickly. You sell the game on e-bay with in a month of buying the game. You should be able to recoup most of the money you paid for it that way.

Point here is you cant sell mmorpg's because of the policy of the games.

Tip 11 - Yard Sales

Yes, this is one way to find cheap games, The trick here is getting there first to get the cheap games that are worth it. This is not for everyone. The biggest advantage here is that you can haggle the price down. There is always a chance the game will not work, major disadvantage.

Tip 12 - Free Gaming

Yes, there are sites on the web that offer free gaming some of these are mmorpg, others are just casual games. Some you play against other people. Try one out and see how you them. Just want to point out that some of the free games can be real bummers, but it doesn’t hurt to see.

Tip 13 - Coupons

Sometimes stores will send out some really good ones sometimes $15 off a purchase of $40 or more or 30% off one item. That is some really good savings there. When this happens you should look for the game you want most and if you can find the game on sale when you receive one of these coupons you could save even more. read the coupons closely to see how it works. Sometimes games and electronics are excluded from them. for coupon tips check out Coupon Savings from Saving Money Makes Cents.

Tip 14 - Online Game Subscriptions

Ok this one is gonna be a little harder to do. If you gamer has a mmorpg he plays right now that has a monthly subscription, this is normally 15$ a month. You can save money by paying for 3 moths, 6months or even a year up front. when you use one of the upfront plans the cost is actually cheaper in the long run.

Cheap Game Tip 15 - Ask for a Discount

Ask for a store manager, and let him or her know that you would like a discount on the things you are buying which includes the game, you may be surprised they may actually give you one. Especially if you are purchasing a lot of things. Many stores will do this for you when they see you buy often from them or see that you are purchasing a lot of stuff, Besides it never hurts to ask.

Tip 16 - Buy Online

Often games online will be cheaper. Sometimes because they download the game directly to you computer. Also this save you on gas.

A Few warnings and tip on cheap gaming
  • When you buy a game used, make sure to ask to see the game first, you need to look at the game especially if it’s a disc. Look for and at the scratches and look for other problems on the disc, if it looks to bad or not to your standards don’t buy it.
  • Know the game before you buy, buying a game that you never heard of or know nothing about can lead to disaster, especially if you buying it for someone else. Ask a store clerk preferably a gamer one.
  • Know when the games you want come out and if you can wait to buy it.
  • Read reviews to avoid the bad games that are out there.
  • Play the demo if possible this is one great way to see if you will like a game or not
  • Join a gamer community on line or just read some gamer forums to learn more on games some are dedicated to helping find cheap games.

Relax buying cheap games that are good is not the easiest thing to do but you now have some tools to make it easier, so get out there and game.

If you have any tips that you think would be helpful please use the Contact Us Page and let us know what your tip is, it is greatly appreciated.

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