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your choice, but have no idea how to find one. There are several ways of getting a great gaming computer for less than what you might think. First think about building your own computer, it's easier than you think.

Another way is buying a refurbished computer, WAIT don’t hit that back button yet. Just because it may be used doesn't mean it's old, broken down, or even a bad idea. Many players at first think it can't play the games I want, but soon learn they can. Due to this, many more gamers are starting to lean to this option to save cash, while they save up for the computer of their dreams.

For this page we going to go over buying a cheap gamer computer, rather than building one from scratch.

One of the main reasons to go with a refurbished computer is price. They are much cheaper than buying one new.

Often a refurbished computer you are buying come with parts that have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are working properly .The refurbished computer and parts should also come with a warranty.

If you are thinking of building a gaming computer, you may want to buy a cheap refurbished computer use it as the base then add on the new parts that you want. You may need to purchase the parts separately. Most of the time this will be the computer RAM and graphics card.

I do realize there are some concerns on buy a gaming computer this way. So a few tips on how to make sure it will work, or at least how to get your money's worth:

Buy From The Manufacturer

The best place to buy a refurbished computer is straight from the makers of the computer. The computers they sell are normally one that were used as a store model or returned by a customer. They can't resell a computer as new if someone has bought and returned it, even if it was never used or even used a few times.

Most manufacturers will make sure that the refurbished computer is in perfect running condition before they will resale it. they don’t want to get a bad rep if they resell a computer and it doesn’t work, it be bad for business.

This doesn’t insure something won't go wrong. So to decide if you want to buy that particular computer ask why the computer was returned. This will give you a good idea what it may have been through and if the manufacturers had to do extensive work on it.

Ask about the store's warranty coverage and return policies. Most will have some sort of warranty, if not may be best to skip it from that particular maker or store. Most should have a warranty since many of them treat refurbished computers like new, and verify a return policy.

Buying A Cheap Gamer Computer Off Auction Sites

There you are looking at the computers on eBay or Craigslist and the price is oh-so-right stop, and think about it, it may be too good to be true.

Before you buy from a person, due to the price being so good, check out their sellers rating and reviews on the seller to see what other people have said about them.

You may even want to go check the Better Business Bureau to see if the seller is legit. I suggest you never buy a computer from a seller who does not offer a money back guarantee or a manufacturer's warranty.

Ok, the seller passes the BBB and the rating and reviews are good, now its time to make sure that you get everything you need. Make sure they have all the original software and license keys for the computer, if they don’t skip it. This is important because if something goes you may need some of the software.

Make sure the seller has removed all traces of the previous owner by deleting files, spyware, browser history, cookies and other programs. Otherwise you may have some problems. You will want to reinstall programs like anti-virus software and reset firewalls.

I also suggest you double check the computer once you have received it to make sure everything is working properly and nothing is on it that shouldn’t be there before you start using it.

What to Look for in a Cheap Gamer Computer

To simplify this process you should have a idea of what your looking for such as how much memory you will need and the processor speed you want.You shouldn't buy anything over 2 years old. The reason for this is the computer technology is always moving forward and for gamers older tech may not be able to handle newer games.

If you decide to get a laptop or have a laptop it will need to repaired or fixed up at sometime why not do it your self with Pudnutz - Official Laptop Repair Videos.

When looking into buying your cheap gamer computer, you may want to take a moment and really think about what your going to be using it for. I know gaming is priority 1, but are you going to use it for work as well? Surfing the net? All of this needs to be thought out before buying.

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