I am Charr
Hear Me Roar!!

Picture of a guild wars 2 charr warrior from arena net

The Charr are a savage feline race that respect one thing...
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Strength. Strength isn't just physical, A fool can be strong and still fall as if he was a blade of grass. A scrawny cub with cunning can fell the largest of foes.

Victory at all costs is their motto. Playing this race means choosing 1 of the 4 legions: Ash Legion, Blood Legion, Flame Legion, and Iron Legion. While normally they work in smaller groups called Warbands they do from time to time work alone.

Playing this Race
I was not to excited about this race (played one in the beta). My main problem was no matter how I tried, all I could do is get them to look like a slightly angry "Putty Cat". Seriously, it was disappointing. Hope that changes, so instead I decided to make a young charming new to war type of Charr.

Now just because the looks at this time are not all that great does not mean that this is a race to avoid, ohhh if you think that you would be so wrong. There are some very good reasons to play this race other than just to experience their story lines.

There are 3 main questions that will affect your story.

1. Which legion they are a part of.
2. Who in their warband they are closest to.
3. What sort of character their father was.

Racial Skills

Utility skills

Battle Roar: You let out a battle roar, giving fury and might to nearby allies. Costs 6 Skill points.

Hidden Pistol: You shoot target foe with a hidden pistol. Costs 7 Skill points.

Shrapnel Mine: You scatter a mine that cripple and bleed enemies. Costs 6 Skill points.

Elite Skills

Artillery Barrage: You call down an artillery barrage at target beacon, damaging and knocking down foes. Costs 11 Skill points.

Charrzooka: Manifest a Lava Axe in your hands and at the target location. Costs 15 Skill points.

Warband Support: You call in members of your warband to assist you. Costs 13 Skill points.

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