Charr-broiled Plans OR
Charr party-poopers

To begin Charr-broiled Plans you will need to...
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have done The Three Wise Norn, if you have speak with Casey Carpenter in the Eye of the North. After you receive the quest head outside the Eye of the north this is where the battle will begin. To start the battle you will need to speak with Brartak a large norn who will help you defend the Eye of the North.

On the map you see 3 sections of green dots these are charr that will turn red once you start the quest. Soon after more charr will start to charge in, there are several of these waves. There are 2 waves to be aware of one has trihorns they hit hard and take little damage. Another wave will have a siege devourer in it, this mob does mass damage and needs to be taken out soon as possible. How ever when you see that mob it also means the waves are soon to end.

I suggest a Ritualist with spirits and a necromancer with minions, Then 2 or 3 monks if possible and then fill out the rest as you want. If your group wipes you will rez at the rez shrine near by so you can complete this quest even if you wipe a couple times.

The Map

Amap to the Guild Wars Charr-broiled Plans quest , a Wintersday Festival quest

1) Before you begin head to the rez shrine and get the norn blessing, especially if you can use the rep.

2) Take your time and take out small groups of mobs at a time, there is no timer on this one so you can take your time.

3) The Npc's do not need to survive so do not worry about them surviving.

4) Pick up loot at the end of the fight, you are not ported in after you finish like other quests, so pick it up then. Once you have it all walk in and collect your reward.

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