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making a character build. So some of the steps in this guide may or may not apply to the particular game you are playing, and not all the steps will be done in the order of the guide as well. Most online games do have these basic steps.

  • Choose a side - You get to choose what side of the fence your on, this sometimes determines what you can look like and what profession you can be
  • Choose a gender - male or female - This choice is up to you. A lot of male players, do create and play female characters. I suggest you always consider the other player as a guy until you know otherwise. You may be able to find help faster as a female character, but you may also get some rather unpleasant messages from time to time.
  • Customize - What your character will look like, hair style and color, face features and how tall you are some of the customizable features on your character. I make casters, rouges, and healers as short as possible to make them harder to find sometimes, depends on the game.
  • Your starting profession. This is what your character will be. Will you choose a Healer, Caster, Rouge, or Tank.

Ok I realize you may not be sure what character best fits your play style, and this part of the character build is probably the most important, because its what everything else balances on. So here are a few questions to ask yourself;

Do I want to fight? Or do I want to help those who fight through other means?

If you chose fight, a tank, rouge, or caster may be the character for you. If you chose to help then a healer or caster may be your character of choice.

When fighting I would rather fight up close or from far away?

Up close characters are mainly Tanks and some rouges. If far away your choice's are casters and some rouges. Healers try to avoid combat unless you are making a character build to do that.

What do I like more weapons or magic?

Every character carries a weapon, but to use one effectively you need to be a tank or rouge. Magic on the other hand is mostly used by those who are not effective with weapons and they usually are casters and healers.

Do I want to group more or solo more?

If you like to group with people and have them want to group with you your best bet is the healer. Getting a group usually goes in this order healer, caster, tank, and lastly the rouge. Soloing is a different matter you will need to learn your character very well once you do any character can solo but the one that is easiest to learn on is the Tank. Character soloing from easiest to hardest is as follows tank, caster, rouge, and of course the healer.

There are other types of characters that are mixtures of the main types that are called hybrid characters. When deciding on those you need to decide which part of that character your going to focus more on, magic or weapons.

You could just ask your self questions all day and never come to a answer. The ones above just give you a good chance of figuring out what you might like. Remember you can always test out a character, and if you do not like it make a different one, until you find the one you like.

Lets continue on with the character build since you now know what profession you want to be.

  • Time to put in your stats, I suggest that you look at the game manual to see what each stat actually does for your character, and place them in order of how you would like your character to be.
You may want to focus your char in the direction that will help your character build out the most.

A caster would need stats in whatever it is that helps you get more magic points, makes you cast faster, and increases the damage of magic, and of course extra health points is always useful.

A tank you would want stats in whatever makes him do more damage, helps him defensively like blocking, and of course they need lots of health points.

A rouge would need stats in whatever would allow him to be more defensive, like able to evade a attack, attack faster, and of course more health points.

A healer would need stats in whatever allows them to heal better, cast faster, have more magic power, and you guessed it more health points.

  • Name your character, This part can be tricky, you need to Remember that there our thousands of people playing and there is a chance that your name may be already taken, so try variations of it. example you want the name Bob and someone else already has it, try Bbob, or Bobb, or XxBobXx. There are some rules on character names and they vary differently from game to game, so once again check the policies and URL, and manual. If you do create a character name with a name that breaks a rule you may come to discover that character has been deleted or given a new name (and the new name is randomly generated normally).
Now that you have your character build done time to go level. Good Luck and have FUN.

Don't forget to put your character build to paper that way when you add the other builds to it you can see the complete build.

That way if you ever decide to change it, tweak it, or some how lose part of your gear you can easily see what needs to be changed, or fixed.

As Always

Play The Game Your Way


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