What are Casual Games?

Casual games (C-games as I like to call them) are ones that you...

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can walk away from at a moments notice with very little disturbance to you or the game its self. You may have to restart from the beginning of a level but usually that's not to hard. C-games are also by far more relaxing than other types of games. The types of casual games are many from action and adventure to sports and puzzle games (my favorite ones).

The C-games are very relaxing to play and can suck you into playing for hours if your not careful. However the difference between a casual game and a mmorpg is the ability to walk away in the middle of the game and not disturb anything else that may be happening.

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Example: You play a healer in a mmorpg you are in a group doing a mission, you realize you have to pick up your friend or kid or family member up. Now you have to leave the group or they have to stop and wait for you either way you have disturbed the game. If you were solo you could leave but take a chance something might come by and defeat you and you have to restart all over from the closest shrine or town.

Casual games on the other hand you can normally pause the game, or it saves the game at certain spots and you could continue from there. your not worried about what will happen to a character or making friends wait.

Finding Casual games is pretty easy look around they are everywhere, the problem is not all of them are good or you will like. Big problem huh, I know I hate taking a chance on a games too, and I'm a hard core gamer. So what are we to do?

Well you could do some research on the games but casual game research is -BORING- yep its a snoozer, research for other games like MMORPG's is important because they take up lots of time and often there is a subscription to them (Guild Wars there is not a subscription for)

How about reviews? That's good if you like the same sort of games as that person doing the reviews. The only way to find that out is to play the game.

Now there is a Idea Playing the Game, I know but we don't want to have to buy it. I have the solution for you.

There are Sites on the web that let you demo the games for free, others have a small charge involved but give good discounts on games and a free game every month, as well as letting you demo the games for free. Best part about these sites is new games are added all the time. So there is always some new game to try out.

Then if you like the game you can purchase the game for a discount often Saving Money. How much money can I save? Loads of it see below what I saved From big Fish Games.

Lets start with Big Fish Games. This site has many Casual games to try out and free to sign up.

I really like this one because it was free to sign up and you can demo the games. When I signed up I got 2 free games as well. Can't beat that.

Here is a great example of saving money here. I was able to buy a $20 game from big fish for ... are you ready ? $1 that's right a $19 in savings. Now figure in no travel time (game download's straight to computer) so saved time, gas, and Cash.

This site has tons of games I still haven't been able to go through them and they are getting new games all the time. Another nice thing about the demoing of the games on this site, Is the demo time is on played time not just what ever amount of time (usually a hour) then up. So if you download a demo play 30 min then have to leave and come back 2 hours later with big fish you still have 30 min to demo the game because its based on time played. Also they have online games you can play as well.

Real Arcade - this one you get a free 1 month trial period for playing the games, after that there is a fee. but the savings here is huge. OK now before you start going I don't want to pay a subscription fee, you should know this every month you get 1 free game. That is as long as you are a member you can cancel at any time. They also have a large selection of games to try out. Demoing the games on this site is one you will want to have a Hour to spare because its 1 hour and its up, however they have online versions to play which are not timed and can be played as much as you want here though its only a few levels usually. Also you can receive 1 free games from this site for just trying out the site. Another Great Deal.

There is another option you can always play the flash games on this site.

Other Casual Games

Farmville A time management game that is addictive and fun, that can be played with friends check it out.

Casual Games Reviews

These are games that I have found and thought are worth mentioning I will say where I found the Game in the review, I will go over the Good and the Bad about the games. Will say if there is a demo to the game or not as well. Remember the only way to ever be sure if a game is worth buying is to try it out. So These reviews are the Opinion of the reviewers on the games.

At the moment it is just me but I do have a couple people who said they would do a few reviews so watch for that coming soon.

The Showdown

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

As I come across these Sites I will put them here on this page. So till then.

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