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What is a casual gamer?...
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They are the gamers who log into the game to play for fun, talk to friends online, and they are there to relax.

They are players who enjoy: PC games, video games, and Mmorpg's, and flash games. They play them to have fun. The game is there for them to enjoy.

Its not to say they don’t have a specific goal they would like to get done for that day, but if something else like doing a mission with buddies, or a raid pops up they will go do that. They want to do what ever is the most fun. This gamer is the core of mmorpg's. They may not be the hard core players, but do not underestimate them they are very good players. They may not always have the best gear, or the best builds, for them that doesn't matter as long as they are having fun.

You may be a casual player if:

  • You play for just a few hours a day
  • Your not concerned about having the best gear
  • You play for fun
  • Your not concerned about being the best
  • You log on to talk to friends
  • You don’t feel that you have to be the best
The casual gamer in my opinion is the best type of gamer. They are friendly most of the time, and the ones that have been playing the online game for a while can be very helpful.This gamer is usually the most relaxed and calm player.

Most gamers start off this way, but then are soon sucked into the hard core gamer world. If we can remember that its just a game to have fun with, and keep most of the casual player traits while using the hard core player skills and traits (the good ones), then I believe our gaming experiences would be much better in the long run.

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