Caster or
Spell Slinger

A caster in online games are...
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powerful magic users that attack with different types of mystic energy's, from fire and ice to spells of chaos and light. These spells may do many things from slow down a foe to blinding them. Most often the spells do damage and a lot of it. Having this type of power does come with a high cost, armor or better lack of armor. Most magic user classes can only wear cloth or light armor in the games. Also You normally will not have any weapon skills, or have many choices of weapons, a staff or wand is about as far as it goes. Not that they will be needed if all goes well.

As for playing this class your job will vary depending on what type of magic user you are, and in what scenario you are in. Many times your group may want you to focus on one aspect of your skill over another especially in PvP, though having a decent mix of spells gives you greater flexibility. Leveling can be very difficult for the magic user or very easy. Its all in how you play one.

You will find that keeping track of your energy, mana or power will become key to you success, for this is what allows you to cast your spells.

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