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Are you looking to do the canthan festival quests as fast as possable? It is possible to cut this down to 45min to a hour for all the quests, maybe even faster.

Way I do this is make sure you have you 10 glittering dust and 2 extra fireworks in your bag, right from the start.

Get the 3 quests inside shing jea monastery

Johai Sohn, Hai Len, Coordinator Thayaa

Then exit out into the Sunqua Vale to get the 4th quest and to finish the first of you quests. The 4th quest given is by Hapless Chong.

Talk to Nubah Lao ( be sure to have the 10 glittering dust in you bag) twice. Once done back into the monastery to the coordinator for reward and another quest. Then back out to Nubah Lao.

For those of you lucky enough to have been to the towns in this area just port to Tsumei Village for those who haven't follow the map below.


Once you go through the town you will see Hei Len, if you are doing this by yourself skip talking to him for now and go take care of the Nian there are 5 all together you only need 3 fireworks to get rid of them. Then go back to Hei Len.

If you do have a 2nd player in your group you can save time here by having one person go use fire works on the Nian, while the other helps Hei Len. The one doing the fireworks will be done quickly so they will join up with the other person pretty quick.

OK, that's 1 more quest done and one complete just need to get the reward but that can wait. for purposes of speed.

From here you will be headed to do The Knights that say Nian quest but along the way we will pick up quest items for the last one.

The first 2 of the 3 items is Spring water, Next is a Sparkling Kappa Shell from the boss mob Sheldon the Verminator (He is a elementalist), is on the map below.


The last item is Nong Berry's its on a bush. ok we are close to the next mission which has 3 boss mobs ( levels 10's ) a warrior, mesmer, and a ranger.

Once all 3 have been defeated /resign.


We head off to talk to Guwon the Wise once again speak with this character 2x becuase you should have all 3 items they want in your bag. After that you can either run or port to Tusmei Village.


You will head off to meet Hapless and Guwon by the beach.


When the quest completes you can port to the Monastery and talk to The Coordinator and Johai Sohn to complete the last of the Canthan festival quests.

After its all said and done you will end up with 125+ in lunar tokens and over 1k 500g.

Speed Clear Video

Canthan Festival Quests Extra Tips

Run skills make this faster.

Bring a Monk to keep the Npc Hei Len Alive

Be careful not to over click to many times when using the fireworks.

Bonus Quest

Ok so this really isn't really a bonus quest but it is a extra quest. Well its actually 2 quests that you get to choose one to do. Also its not in Factions but in Nightfalls.

If your confused don't be these quests are so quick and easy that with the right skills you can do it in less than 3 minutes.That's right 3 minutes, you get 25 lunar tokens, few hundred gold and either fireworks or a sugar drink.

These quests can be gotten to outside the Great Sunspear Hall by talking to either Elder Nofuun or Fejh (the the kid playing with fireworks)

The below maps below double for each either quest since there in the same place. There is one extra step to the quest for the kid. So the Elder quest is faster over all. For these quests any run build should be fine.

The above map is used for the easiest path and fastest. The blue dot is the first stop for the quest from the kid. It is also the only spot you need to head to for the elder Nofuun. For Nofuun tho make sure you grab the jar of water to dump on the kids head.

For the Kids Quest stop at the blue dot talk to the dad who tells you that some baddies stole the fireworks.

The Above Map is a alternative path to the quests.

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