Buying A Computer Is Easy
With These Steps

So your thinking about buying a computer. Some questions that...
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come to mind are:

  • What kind should I buy?

  • Should I have it customized? Buy it in a store?

  • How much am I gonna have to pay for a good one? Do I need a really good one?

  • Will it do what I need it to do?

  • How long will it last before I have to replace it?

  • Laptop? Desktop?

There are many more questions I'm sure about buying a computer, I hope to answer as many of them as possible.

Let's begin with your needs. Not everyone needs the same computer.

Someone who is just gonna surf the net does not need the same things a professional photo editor will need, just as he doesn’t need what a online gamer needs.

Are you going to want to repair it yourself? take it in to a store?. Desk tops are easier to fix. Laptops on the other hand you may want some help with and Pudnutz - Official Laptop Repair Videos will help you there.

What kind of computer do you need?

Lets start off very basic, are you only going to do some minor word processing and surf the net. Then just about any ready made computer this year will work for you.

If you 're going to be using your computer for pictures and movies you are definitely going to need a better computer than the basic one, this computer is a mid range computer.

If you are an online gamer, a insane, crazy, over the top power gamer, you are going to want the best possible machine you can get, then buying a computer of this type is going to be high end and pricey.

So now you have an idea of what you need in a computer. If you fall in between one of those I suggest going with the next step up.

Basic Computer

This computer is not gonna wow anyone, it will get you around the web just fine. Play some games, even some online games but they wont be super pretty and you may have to turn down or off the bells and whistles on the games to play. You may be able to watch DVD as well, and do some minor work on it but it won't be fast. Especially if you need to do multiple things at once.

Buying a computer like this is easy, they are just about everywhere. This is a pre made computer.

Mid Range Computer

This computer does everything the above one does but better. You can work on a few things at once with minor slow down depending on the programs. You can do lot more here and for most people this one is perfect. Normally its just a little more in price for it but well worth it.

You will be able to find these in most stores but will need to look at it close to see if its what you want. Lot of basic computers will look like a mid range only way to tell is to look at the components for the system.

The High Range Computer

This is the best of the best, well for what you can buy normally, They do it all, they are faster, can leap tall building, make your coffee, Ok maybe not the leaping and coffee but they are usually faster. They do all the above that mid and basic do but you can play games on the best settings, multi task with almost no slow down. Here is the big one it just may wow your friends. The cost is an arm and leg. Normally a few thousand bucks.

Buying a computer in the high range requires you to go to a computer store or buy it online.

Now is the time to choose Laptop? or desk top?

The Basic to Parts

Hard drive - You will see a number like 250GB what this is telling you is how much space this computer has to remember thing that you want it too. Bigger the number More it can save. Terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. So in short more memory equals the ability to put lots of stuff on your computer

A point of interest here is hard drives also have a speed 5200rpm or 7200rpm maybe even 10000rpm. The higher the number the faster it is. They usually lose space on them for that higher speed. High ends may choose a 10000rpm.

Ram - This is sometimes called memory. You will see a number like 1GB or 250mb. These number represent the temporary memory the computer has. Gets it and forgets it is basically what it does. Mb is smaller than a gig or GB, a gig is the same thing as GB.

Video cards - This is all about making the video, game, or even the picture you are looking at pretty. The better this is the nicer things can look.

You may wantto think about getting one with Dedicated memory on your video card which helps reduce the ram needed for the graphics.

Video cards - if you see the name Geforce or Radeon then the video card will be decent. The higher the number after the name the better the card is well at least newer. Example : XFX GeForce 6600GT is not as new, XFX GeForce 7800GT.

Sound Cards -This is about sound quality. While most people wont need anything fancy and the on board sound card on many motherboards is fine, there are a few exceptions and gamers will want something better.

So you should look for a card with a good signal to noise ratio, connectivity, and wavetable, for gamers you don't need to go crazy with these, musicians on the other hand will want to look very closely at it.

A quick reminder no matter how good your sound is if you don’t have speakers to match it does you no good. So sound is not a concern unless its garbled which most sound cards don’t do integrated or not.

Processor speed -A processor is the brain of the computer. So the faster it can think the better. The higher the number the better in most cases, but do not compare AMD to INTEL processors in the same way. These two make their processors differently, they do same thing but in different ways.

Motherboard -This is often something people over look, this is the heart and soul of the computer, everything needs to be compatible to the motherboard for everything to work.

** Quick reminder here Laptops will have lower stats normally because they have a smaller space for the parts. Also technology is ever growing so some of what is here may not be up to date. By the time you buy your computer, the new best part has come out and your comp is now 1 step lower on the computer rung.

How long will my computer last? That is up to you and how well take care of it.

Basic should last you a few years if you are not playing games on it or adding the newest programs. If you do it will only last a couple yrs.

Mid range will last a bit longer than a basic with games, but here too if you do all the above it wont last more than 2 and a half years on average.

High Range will last the longest, gamers will discover they can keep playing games on this for a while, 3-4yrs before its gets unbearable or obsolete.

If you upgrade the parts in you computer you can get more time out of it

Buying a computer can be pricey. It can be very expensive, or extremely cheap depending on what you want. From several hundred bucks to a few thousand. You may want to consider starting a savings account, and saving for your next computer. This will also give you time to get a savings account, and start saving for your next computer. This will also give you time to shop around before buying a computer.

Make sure it’s the one you want and can do what you want it too. This goes for buying a computer online as well. When buying a computer directly from the makers of that computer will be getting slightly better quality as well as putting in the features you want in your computer.

Buying a computer online is also more expensive, you will need to wait for the shipping time unless you pay for the express shipping then it will get to you sooner , it can be expansive, but when you consider the cost of buying a computer it may be well worth it. If you buy a computer in a store, you may get a lower quality but you get it now.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

NOTE: The above can change as computers get better.

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