Strategies to Making
Online Game Builds

First what are builds? It is what makes your...
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character, from skills to armor, it is what makes you strong.

There are many types of them, here are a few

Creating them for
  • general group - for when you are with people you don't know or when your not totally sure what your gonna need
  • duo groups - Two player groups
  • Four man groups - Four player groups
  • The eight man group - this is the largest group in most online games
  • Solo - when your are alone
  • farm - this is when your trying to make money fast
  • PvP - this is when you are fighting other players
  • other
Each does something important for your character. Some of the noted above may not be possible or needed in the online game you choose to play.

There are a lot of them out there, that people have created, that lot of gamers use.These cookie cutter versions are nice, but make the assumption that you play like every other player out there.

Question is do you? I don't.

Reasons to make your own.

  • It will fit your play style
  • It is yours , and it is unique
  • If you play PvP your unique play style from your build will make you unusual and thus unpredictable
Now the flip side.

Why not to make one and use a cookie cutter version.

  • Takes time to get it to work perfectly sometimes
  • Not always easy, and may not work. so its test, test, test

A few items you are going to want to have on hand when making yours are;

  • A pencil - for writing the stats and working the numbers
  • Paper - Several sheets- for writing were stats will go, and keeping track of the numbers
  • Calculator - For quick adding of numbers
Keep these items close as you make yours because you will be looking at them often.

To help with your builds I have started working on character sheets, as time termites I will add more character sheets for more games. As for now the first of these sheets goes to my favorite game (for the time being) Guild Wars.

As Always
Play The Game Your Way

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