Borlis Pass

Borlis Pass is the5th mission in the Guild Wars...
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Prophecies. This Mission breaks into 3 parts the first part is lighting beacons. Get the torch from Hayden and do not forget to light the one next to him this part finishes up when you hand off the torch to the NPC Tolis.

The 2nd part of this is fighting off several mobs and destroying the siege weapons by defeating their operators the Stone Summit Engineer.

The Last part is lighting the last few beacons with a enchanted torch.

The Following map shows the path to follow

This is a map to Guild Wars Borlis Pass mission

The Bonus

To start the Bonus you need to speak with Rornak Stonesledge, who is going to ask you to defeat a Ice Drake. To get to the Ice Drake you will need a powder keg to remove a ice and snow wall.


Just about any group make up will work though having a Good healing Hero or player will help in this mission.

The builds I use, and that my friends use can be found by subscribing to our guides page where you can find my hero's guide that has my basic builds and the concepts behind them to create your own. Subscribe to the Right or check out a free sample of our guides on the Free stuff page.

Take your time, there are many mobs that you can accidentally aggro if your not paying attention.

Do not forget to light the beacon by Hayden.

Over all this is a fairly easy Mission to do.

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