What is a Avatar?

A avatar is the character that you have chosen to...
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represent you in the game. It is the total character race, gender and the profession you have chosen. Your character will have the look you have chosen when creating your character, so your own style can be brought out.

The character you create is based off what the game will allow you to use to make your character. From hair color to how tall your character can be, what race you can be, some games you can other races than just human, maybe you want to be a slender elf or a short dwarf like creature, or even a troll.

This character creation allows you to have your own look. Once you have the look you should start on your character build

If you want to have the most fun possible you want to create a Character to fit you and your play style. So do not be afraid to try out all the classes to find one you want to make your main character. Also find a build that fits you even if its strange, There are plenty of cookie cutter builds out there, they work but they don't work for everyone. They however are a great start for anyone looking to make there own build while still being sure that they will do ok. Find cookie cutter builds on many fan sites.

Basic Types of Characters / Classes / Professions

  • Healer
  • - The Healing / Support class of mmorpgs.


    - This is the main melee class, high armor and close up damage.


    -Primary magic users.


    - a character best described as sneaky.

    Guild Wars Character Professions.

    World of Warcraft Character Classes.

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