Asura Smarter than You

The Asura are a race of short, but highly brilliant creatures that ...

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will let you know that they are smarter than you, and better than you in every which way, since they know they will be ruling over you in the near future.

They are a snarky, sarcastic race always trying to prove they are smarter than each other, many of which will do morally questionable things to get results. If a few lab assistance get blown up its OK as long as the results where positive right? Right?

Guild Wars 2 Asura

Lets get serious on this race, OK you can't this race is really a comic relief, This race was not playable in the original Guild Wars, how ever you where able to have a hero that helped you.

They are adept in both magic and science and combine the two making them extremely powerful.

Playing this Race

There are 3 main questions that will affect your story.

1. Which Asuran Collage they studied at.

2. What their first successful experiment was.

3. Who their first adviser was.

Racial Skills

Utility skills

Pain Inverter - Apply confusion to nearby enemies. You gain retaliation.

Technobabble - Daze target foe.

Radiation Field - Create a Radiation Field at target location, inflicting posion and Weakness on enemies in the area.

Elite Skills

Summon Power Suit - Summon a Power Suit which you or your allies can enter and use to combat enemies.

Summon -7- Series Golem - Summons a attacking golem.

Summon Series D-Golem - Summons a defensive golem.

One last little bit about this race While most think they are egotistical and do not care about anything but knowledge let it be known that they do have big hearts, they just don't let it show.

I realize that playing an Asuran may seem silly, but one can have lots of fun playing one trust me. So to all the BOOKAS out there...

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