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be a Interesting interview I think.

Ashin is his gamer tag, he is a college student in Vermont, and plays online games. he is 23 years old and is a gamer. One thing you need know about ashen is he is a sneaky gamer in PvP. uses underhanded tricks to win (I'm sure that's the only reason he kept kicking my tail in Dark ages of Camelot) ok not really but he is very good.

OK lets begin with the Ashin interview:

1) What do you think makes a true gamer?

A true gamer is one who is will try out any game, no matter what the ratings or reviews may say.

2) What Online games do you play? and which is your favorite and why?

The games I play are DAOC, and soon to be Warhammer, I have tried out GW and WoW. GW in my opinion is an ok game mainly because it is free, WoW has to much hype. As for my favorite game its DAOC because of the character classes, that reminds me when you coming back?

3) Do you have any tips for gamers or ever gotten any that you would like to share?

Yea have a couple, 1st one is one you told me when we first meet and that's Relax, this works for everyone new or experienced. If you panic you make to many mistakes, were if you relax if a mistake is made you may be able to correct it.

2nd one is Never give up, just because you get beat once or twice by some player does not mean they will continue, you need to learn from each experience

4) Do you think games cause some of the violence that we see into days children?

No, I think the problem is not the games, but rather the way our society treats people.

5) Anything you think that is important for a gamer to know?

If your not having fun do not play, its a game its supposed to be fun.

6) What was your best gaming day? and worst?

Best gaming day was that day when we went out hunting Hib's and defeated that group and it was just the 2 of us vs 8 of them or the day I beat you in a fair 1v1 both were good days. Worst day we are not talking about that. (Since he didn't want to tell you I'm going tell you about his first PvP fight. I happened to have been there he was in a Place called Darkness Falls and he was fighting mobs in plain sight he was level 20 and a full group of Mid's came up and wiped him out took 3 or 4 seconds. Not that that was uncommon but its not a fun way to be beat, when not only are you out numbered but they out level you as well. Sorry buddy but you needed a worst :P Just in-case you are wondering i was playing on my Minstrel at the time and had decent stealth and was not seen)

7) What type of character class do you prefer playing?

I like to play scouts they are more versatile than many players think.

Specific Questions For the Ashin Interview

A) Your in college what are you studying?

Liberal Studies, I want to be a teacher.

B) Do you have a particular reason why you want to be a teacher?

Children our our future and I want to make a difference

C) Well do you think that gaming can help in teaching or give skills?

Yes and No, I do think gaming can help children learn better reading skills, but most of the time i think they will skip this if they can. As for Me personally I do not see were it will help me as a teacher.

D) Were is gaming set in your life?

Gaming is part of my life but not the most important thing, Gamers need to remember that there is other things that are more important. For me my Girlfriend and school is by far more important than any game.

E) Ok is there anything you would like to say to anyone that reads this?

Stay calm in everything you do, when you panic things go bad

Well that was the Ashin Interview I hope you all had fun reading it and thanks to Ashin for it

As Always
Play the Game Your Way

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