Amalek the Unmerciful
Wanted for Crimes Against Tyria

Amalek the Unmerciful is one of the top mercenary's of the white mantle...

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Salma has asked you to remove this threat by any means necessary. To find Amalek head to the Divinity Coast. This hired mercenary is not difficult to beat, sometimes with a little luck he will be defeated by some of the other mobs in the area, completing the quest for you.

Amalek the Unmerciful is a monk primary, and secondary is a elementalist. Amalek uses the Leet Skill Blessed Light.

Map to Amalek

Guild wars Amalek the Unmerciful, wanted map
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Tips and Notes

Amalek is not a tough fight as long as you do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by roaming mobs.

Many of the white mantle have the ability to rez, stopping this from happening will greatly help.

The mantle mob names can be misleading at times, a example of this are white mantle ritualist's. Often times they are necromancers not ritualists like there name would make you think.

Having a Interrupter with both Aoe and Single target interrupts, will make taken on Amalek and any other near by easier. This is come into effect especially if you end up fighting Amalek and multiple mobs at once, by stopping any and all healing from Amalek, and the damage done, you will save yourself a lot of frustration.

While retreating may seem to be a bit cowardice, it is often advisable to do so if things get out of hand. Running not only gives you a chance to live but will also let you rez any fallen hero's or players, It also can spread out the mobs making it easier to take some of them out in smaller groups.

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