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adult gamer? Yes, online gaming isn't just a kids thing. Adults like to play games and why not? They are fun, and interesting.

There are many different games to be played online as well, so adults can choose what game they would like to play. From online flash games to mmorpgs. So where does an adult find games to play? Same place everyone else does the internet.

The difference is adults are more likely to have the money to try out many different games, but does that mean they will, of course not.

Adults are just regular gamers just like everyone else, and you never know who they are. They are power gamers, farmers, crafters, any type of gamer you can think of there is probably an adult gamer in that category, and its definitely not a bad thing.

I find many adults like mmorpgs for the interaction with players and often the PvP, like the quick flash games.

So what makes an adult gamer? They are just a regular gamer that is 21 and older.

If you like playing versus other players you may like to Play online games at GameDuell. Or try a mmorpg like Guild Wars with a PvP only character, although you may like the regular PvE as well.

If your not into mmorpg's or if you just want to play alone, you may want to try some other games, like flash games. There are many on the net.

You could always try playing a game that is for kids. Wait a sec before you go, WHAT?!! You will find many games fun, even if they are supposedly for kids.

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Like Chaotic it’s a card game based off a Saturday cartoon. You never know, if you have children, you should play or at least try the same game, who knows you may actually enjoy it, and have a conversation about the game instead of being in the dark all the time.

Just don’t embarrass them in the game by calling them by a silly nickname you have for them at home.

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