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lest some of you are asking this question. The simple answer to this is it is a program that help you in your game some way. It could be something as simple as warning you that your Magic power is low and you need to get it back up to as complex as helping you decide what you need to cast next to get more damage from your spells.

These Helpful little programs can help make a game easier, or more fun. Not all games have this option, and sometimes in some games it is against the policy to use them, So be sure to read the rules and policy's closely.

Common Questions

How Much does a It cost?

Most of the time they are free. Most games that allow it have it in there policy's that you may not sell the programs. This does not mean that they can not except donations. Remember it does take time and knowledge to make a one that works well. Those who make them and and then allow others to use them are being nice to do so.

Can I make one?

Yes you could if you know how, there are sites on how to make these programs but please read the rules from the game about what is allowed be done with them. Most games do not allow any hidden coding or things that could change the way you have to do things in the game.

Where do I go to find them?

Many game web sites have them, if they don't then they may show a website that does. One of the best ones is they have them for many games and lots of different types of them, so your sure to find one you will like.

Do I need Them?

No, but you will soon discover playing with out them will put you at a disadvantage to other players in many games. It is sometimes the difference in why a player survives things, Like how the guy knows to move before the boss does a super move. It could be the reason a healer is healing so well and fast. So you don't need but you may want to try it out.

Adding a Addon to the game

Follow the instructions from the site that you are downloading from some of the them may have special instructions as well if so follow those as well. But most will follow the following instructions.

PopCap Games

First thing your gonna do is download the one you want from the site, Please be sure to Download from a reputable site one that you trust.

Your gonna open the game file from here you want to find the folder it is often found in the interface folder. You then will need to drag and drop the addon file folder there. Lastly start the game you will need to look for were the addon's are there most often its in options or interface, sometimes its even called addon's. see if there turned ON. Most will have a on off like switch or way to turn off and on. This will be helpful while playing different characters.

Addon Download sites.

(More will be added as I come across them that are reputable)

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